Emily Rogers’ last Wii 2 rumours (well, sort of)

For the last month or so the Wii 2 blog has been reporting on Emily Rogers’ rumours that she has received from her sources. Some of them have been believable and some of them haven’t. She has now made a list of Wii 2 rumours which she guarantees to be true or, apparently, she will never write again.

I guess the reasons why she has taken these extreme measures is because a lot of her rumours have been called fake. Now she has decided to “risk it all” as it were. I know some of you are sceptical about the news she gives but I’ll tell you anyway and then you can formulate your opinion.

The first rumour that she guarantees to be true is that Pikmin 3 for the Wii 2 will definitely be at E3. She also mentions that there will be about 20 playable titles for the Wii 2 at E3 but does not specify whether Pikmin 3 is one of these.

Secondly, SoulCalibur V will be a launch title for the Wii 2. You might remember that I wrote an article expressing my wish for a SoulCalibur game to come back to Nintendo and whether the chances were good. However, Emily Rogers’ stated that this SoulCalibur would be different from the ones set out for Xbox 360 and PS3 because it will have exclusive content. What type of exclusive content wasn’t said. Link playable again perhaps?

The next claim that she makes about the Wii 2 is probably the most believable. Apparently Ubisoft wishes to release at least three launch titles for the Wii 2/Project Cafe.

She also wrote that we will notice Nintendo swaying towards more Western publishers. According to her sources Nintendo do not feel that the Japanese publishers hold as much sway over the western market as they used to. They feel like companies such as Activision, Bioware, 2K Games, Rockstar, Blizzard, Valve, Electronic Arts are “dominating the market”. I don’t know why these exact companies were listed or whether this is a clue of who will be making games for the Wii 2.

Next up, Nintendo want to launch the Wii 2/Project Cafe with a major first person shooter. This is hardly surprising seeing as they have risen in popularity over the years so I don’t see why this wouldn’t be true. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that it was Modern Warfare 3 seeing as that title is yet to be announced for a Nintendo console yet.

The next rumour seems to confirm that the Wii 2 will be getting a Super Smash Bros game. Emily Rogers’ sources have told her that the team who worked on Super Smash Bros 64, Melee and Brawl will not be working on the Super Smash Bros coming to the Wii 2.

We also have a re-confirmation on one of the earliest rumours, that Rockstar are working on something for the Wii 2. Though she does mention that it might not be displayed at E3.

There will be no hard-drive and Nintendo has chosen to go with another form of storage method. Again, this is not surprising.

And last but not least there will be a significantly better online system which Nintendo had help to make and you will be able to transfer your Virtual Console titles to one Wii only.

She also makes some guarantees for what’s in store for the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS but I don’t want to make this article overly long. So I’ll pick out a few things and you can read more by following the link at the top of the article. For the Wii, Skyward Sword, The Last Story and Xenoblade will make it before the end of 2011 but The Last Story and Xenoblade are only mentioned to be coming before 2011 to US shores. Also, Animal Crossing and Kingdom Hearts will make 2011 as well for the 3DS.

Most of these rumours are things we have already heard but from varying sources, the difference this time is that Emily Rogers’ guarantees them to be true. I know that was a lot to take in but now that you’ve slogged through that long article, what do you make of Emily Rogers’ last but not last batch of rumours about the Wii 2?

Before I rest my fingers for a thousand years I wanted to just draw to your attention that nothing was guaranteed about the controller. Hmm…

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. I’ve been saying for a while now that we shouldn’t call any rumors fake until we find contradictory CONFIRMED info from Nintendo. So I’m going to treat these rumors as just that; rumors. I should add that while most of these rumor have a good probability of being true, that last statement might cost her her career. Both Square Enix and Nintendo are known to delay their titles indefinitely; while the development teams might report being finished, the publishers’ high standards keep the titles from being released until they are practically perfect.

    • Ruthie

      Well I guess she can’t really account for people changing the release dates. I’m guessing that she sees it as the rumours where true at time or print or the moment that she heard it from her sources. Even though a minute later Square could change their mind.

      I like your take on rumours by the way 🙂

    • I know right? My take is pretty complex and intense. I sat hours meditating on it.

      And I’m sure Square has already changed their mind…. <..>

  2. Wow, that was a lot lol. All of these things are plausible and I agree, I think MW3 will be on the Wii 2. The fact there is no hard drive will probably upset some people, primarily the PS360 crowd, the exact people that Nintendo is trying to get.

    And YEAH! I really hope what she says about Kirby Wii getting a release date is true but I’m sad that it seems like its not coming out in 2012. Maybe its moved to the project cafe?

    I’m glad Nintendo are looking to Western developers but I don’t want them to focus too much on them and become something they are not.

  3. SuperSonic227

    The lack of a hard drive very much bothers me, not because I care about external media services or feel that Nintendo’s downloadable content has been lacking, but because I worry that many high end games literally NEED a hard drive to function (Bethesda titles? Bioware?), and that modern DLC sales can’t work without one. Without that hard drive, the console simply CANNOT compete with the offering of the PC/360/PS3 crowd.

    Granted, I’m not saying paid DLC is exactly the best trend ever, but it is now a normal part of the HD console experience, and if Nintnedo can’t cater to that, 3rd party developers will NOT support them the same way, period. Not with first editions of games anyway.

    I believe the Wii 2 will otherwise be a great console, but if they can’t get users a way to have LARGE amounts of storage for GAME related purposes, then we’ve taken 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

  4. Nohbdy

    Modern Warfare 3? A year after it’s released?

  5. SteveDOF

    I’m sure Nintendo are very aware of what it takes to play first-class titles and have some other solution than a hard-drive. Most likely would be cloud storage, perhaps with a subscription, but they might have thought of something else.

    Ubisoft would not be saying; “We’ll be able to use all the capacity the console is giving but also use all the work we do for the other platforms.”, if their games would not work properly with the new machine.

    I don’t see anything in Emily’s predictions that is outrageous or even unlikely, roll on E3.

  6. why do you people care about rumours? Why do you discuss things that don’t exist yet? Also if this womans rumours have proven to be false every time why are you still believing her? don’t say you’re not cause you talk the things she’s “leaked” as though they were fact.

    • Wait when were they proven false? Did I miss something inthe past month? Like a confirmation by Nintendo that all the rumors are false? Or perhaps Emily Rogers herself saying, “I am a liar.” Seems like you’re making false assumptions…

    • Tupac Lives

      Did you see the fake pictures you fucking retard?

    • Every time? So two pictures are every time? Man, that’s so pathetic I don’t even need to insult you back. It’s already apparent you’re a “fucking retard”, as you put it. For a reply that’s supposed to make you smarter, you somehow made yourself look like more of an idiot. [facepalm]

    • BigBadass

      They are proven faked and this is a fake again. Get educated.

  7. gaming guru in the temple

    THERE WILL BE ““NO”” HARD DRIVE you can bet your grannies soul there will be ““NO”” HARDDRIVE

    a lot she says makes sense and a big AAA FPS supporting touchscreen / wii remote/ cough rolls eyes dual sticks

    sounds realistic also ,those who think nintendo would ever use a harddrive are seriously out of touch with the basic fundermentals of a GAMES CONSOLE vs a PC

  8. gaming guru in the temple

    internal solid state drive plus sd card slot =LARGE STORAGE hard drives are TECH OBSOLETE

    why on gods earth would this device need a HOT/NOISY/POWER HUNGRY/EASY TO BREAK/HEAVY



    please for the love of commonsense stop fanboying 1950s TECH

  9. Well, we have up to 64 GB SD cards sold in stores, with up to 128 sold exclusively to Sony, and 246 GB supposedly being released by 2014. So I wouldn’t worry on the storage front. Not to mention that if all consoles have BluRay next generation, there won’t be a reason for DLC besides developers being greedy (unless the rare instance comes along where a developer fills up a full 50 GB). This generation, however, the 360 limits games to 8GB. The PS3, therefore, either gets the DLC in a later “Ultimate Edition”, or has to wait for the DLC to even be developed (Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, respectively).

  10. gaming guru in the temple

    fanboying a hard drive is like fanboying vinyl records vs blu ray its decades out of date tech!!!!

    hard drives are darn noisy ,harddrives are darn slow,harddrives are very hot,hardrives are easily broken or corrupted, sd cards and drives are non of the above THERE NEW TECH

  11. RockD79

    Guess we’ll find out soon enough. I can see quite a few titles in 2012 being made available for cafe. Bioshock, Phantasy Star Online 2, Sonic Generations, Metal Gear Rising, Soul Calibur V… the list is endless but it really depends what Nintendo makes available under the hood.

  12. firelord767

    She said an awful lot. More chances for her to be wrong. She could be not lying at all, but have misinterpreted one detail or one thing changes between now and E3 and she’s done.

    I wonder if the memory will be in the controller. That’d be kinda cool. And shoot the price up massively. Not even sure why that came to mind, on second though.

  13. DaimyoNintendo

    Bull$hit, I would hope Nintendo learned from certain mistakes and if they indeed want to release a high end HD console it will more than likely have the 250 or 320 GB options noted around the net.

  14. harddrive does not = hardcore

    it will have a flash drive 4/8/16 GB and a sd card reader 64gb max per card OWN AS MANY AS YOU LIKE BE IT 1=64GB MAYBE 4=256GB

    stop trying to big up 1950s tech as if your being HARD-CORE

    only a idiot thinks his harddrive storage size MAKES HIM CORE OR NOT yes nintendo LIKE IDIOT SOFT AND FONY

    want loads of harddrive heat to go with all the other heat COUGH X360 and loads of extra bits of moving parts FOR KIDS TO BREAK

    i love how the only reason people are clinging on to a DUMB harddrive idea is they think its HARD-CORE to say such dumb things

    why does a harddrive make you feel HARD CORE can you not see how stupid you are looking

    if the console ships with ether a 8gb flash drive or a 1 t bite harddrive IT MAKES NO DOFFERENCE WHATS SO EVER TO GAMES



  15. Wertville

    Hopefully this means that Nintendo is pushing Solid-State Drives ^.^
    Hard-drives need to die already, I’ve had so many problems with them… And not only that, but they make my desktop computer so loud. >.<
    Plus SSDs are MUCH faster than HDDs.

  16. A lot of these statements are so general that ANYONE could predict them.

  17. Trip_0

    Retro studios making smash bros.

  18. angry gamer

    i as a wii 2 owner can own as many SD cards as i like and have as much storage space as i like the word ““hard drive”” seems so very important to some of you WHY if i store data on flash or harddrive or anything else its still just stored data…

    hard drives dont make you cool

    its just storage space

  19. Nes laser

    There are terabyte sd cards coming right now you can get 256-64 gigs sd cards. Quess what sd or solid state storage works best with on the new mega texture features and some of the new tessalation features.

    Nintendo has always done tech right. They had z buffer when it was ok to have twitching ps1 texture. They had shader support when all ps2 had was DVD.

    Plus pc games will continue to be shipped on DVDs so it’s not the 360 that is holding any thing back. On top of this pc games are the best version. Get it blu ray is not needed and it’s even slower than a harddrive which is why hard drives are needed.

    I have solid state drives in all my workstations where speed in a factor.

    Also this may be the first hd console that doesn’t break as much as a ps3. I will not mention the 360 since it was clearly made like the ps2 to break and ensure more sales.

    It is great that nintendo has the industry support but I really did not miss their games. Maybe the poor frame rates where holding every one back we will see.

    Nintendo does efficient. Every time. It’s weird how markettong is believed more than logic. The hd twins always take advantage of the clear lack of knowledge in the game industry.

    Happy E3 ever one!

  20. Donald K Punchovich

    Besides clearly having ripped off every single thing she said up there from the random speculation that was floating around prominent videogame websites pre-E3 and pretending like she was privy to insider information, she was demonstrably wrong. In particular, she was wrong about Pikman 3 being at E3. Also, not only were the only playable WiiU games at E3 last year mere tech demos, but the demo-reel footage they showed off of upcoming games was made up entirely of footage of games running on current-gen hardware.

    Most of what she said besides that would be a no-brainer even if she had come up with it herself. In particular, saying that the WiiU will get a Smash Bros. game is like guessing that a new Mario or Zelda game will come to the system. You don’t need to have insider information to know that it’s going to happen. Not if you’ve been paying any attention at all to Nintendo over the last couple of decades. It’s really just a question of when. Hell, even saying that the team behind Smash U won’t be the same as previous ones doesn’t say much since each new game in the series has been developed by mostly different teams. It’s just another hollow prediction that anyone paying the least bit of attention could make. That having been said, we do know that Sakurai will once again be Director, though it’s something that he himself only found out about that day at E3 when Nintendo announced the game. And get this, when the game’s director didn’t even know he’s was involved with it prior to that announcement, chances are better than good that the game didn’t exist as anything more than an idea when Emmy wrote her bullshit report, and most probably didn’t have a team assigned to it like she claimed it did prior to E3.

    She was full of crap, but interestingly enough, still continues to write. So much for what little integrity she had…

    • Donald K Punchovich

      So, it’s well over a year after the fact and the majority of her rumors have been proven fake. Well, I demonstrated how fake one of them was in my post last year, but that’s beside the point. The industry itself has proven her a liar. If that wasn’t bad enough, she herself has demonstrated her lack of integrity by continuing to write after she said she wouldn’t.

      So…maybe in the future you don’t snag some random person’s ill-informed musings for an article? I didn’t touch upon that last time, as I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but c’mon guys and gals. The only reason why you posted her rambling nonsense in the first place is because it would get you hits. You’re just as screwed up as she is, to be brutally frank.

  21. emiLIES rogers

    Emilie rogers full of BS like always
    smash is about to be released and we still have no soulcalibur on nintendo consoles