Tekken and Assassin’s Creed to be ports of previous games?

Will the Wii U get a Tekken 6 port?

Two of the first third party franchises announced to be making their way to the Wii U were Assassin’s Creed and Tekken. We know very little about the form that these games will take.

While speaking to SPOnG, Tekken series producer, Katsuhiro Harada could not confirm that the Tekken game coming to the Wii U would be a brand new game. Harada stated that they were not far into development and were still seeing what Nintendo’s newest home console was capable of. It could be that the Wii U will receive a port of Tekken 6 but one that takes full advantage of what the Wii U can do like Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS.

Tekken 7 would also be a possibility as it was apparently reported to be in early development last month.

Though Harada did not go into much detail about Tekken for the Wii U he did share some ideas on how Tekken could be enhanced by the Wii U’s new controller.

“Some examples you could think of for Tekken Wii U could be for perhaps something akin to a strategy guide. Before now you perhaps would have to go into a specific Practice mode in order to learn about your moves and your enemy’s statistics. Now, you could pull up that data on the controller’s screen while you’re fighting an opponent. There are many possibilities for Tekken right now on Wii U.”

Ubisoft also would not confirm, whether the Assassin’s Creed game coming to the Nintendo Wii U will be a port or an original game. However they did say that they would include touch screen maps, weapon selection and ‘Eagle Vision’ on the Wii U version.

So what do you think? Would you be ok with ports of previous HD games from the Tekken and Assassin’s Creed franchise or do you want brand new games?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. zxride64

    I hope they are not ports of some games that are already out.

    • Ruthie

      Yeah, I would prefer original games too but Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS was an example of a pretty decent port.

  2. chinomanila

    With tekken I would not mind a port, but with assassin’s creed I would love to see a game built from the ground up.

  3. Jmaster720

    Well that sucks….

  4. Oldergamer

    And so it begins. Let the Port Wagon start.

    The issue of course is development time. How long to build a new game from scratch as opposed to modifying existing code to meet the Wii-U launch window?

    Then again, didn’t THQ have their Darksiders II footage up and running within about five weeks prior to E3? However, I can’t remember if the game footage shown was actual IN game footage, and if it was even running on Wii-U hardware.

    I guess some of it is also tied in to how easy the Wii-U is to code for. Then again, there are already develpment kits out there for some of the 3rd party developers.


    I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but honestly, I don’t have a lot of faith in the 3rd parties.

    • zxride64

      i don’t blame you at all, look at the 3ds launch window nintendo didn’t release any killer games to let third parties take center stage but so far they haven’t wowed us at all.

  5. Randomite

    For me it will have to depend on what they add to the port to sell the Wii U controller functionality…As in my opinion a straight port wouldn’t cut it for me in terms of parting with my cash.

    As THQ confirmed it is reletively easy to port games over, I just think if 3rd parties are doing this they need to add something a little extra for current gen PS3/Xbox 360 users to part with their cash for a game they may have already played to death.