The Chinese ripoff of the Wii U

JXD S7100

The Wii U is still a long ways off from release, but that didn’t stop Chinese manufacturer JXD from “borrowing” a few elements of its controller. The JXD S7100 (pictured above) is an Android device billed as a “game console” on JXD’s website. The S7100 features a 7-inch 800×480-pixel capacitive touchscreen, motion sensors (described as “gravity” on JXD’s website), and comes in your choice of black and white.

JXD have released a batch of pictures of this device, which you can check out at their website (and while you’re there, notice anything else familiar?). There is also a video, which you can watch after the break.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Andy

    People are claiming China is going to take over the world, WHEN THEY CAN’T EVEN COME UP WITH AN ORIGINAL DEVICE?! They’re basically advertising that they’re pirating games! Nintendo and Sony should both sue the pants off these guys.

    • kk


    • Revolution5268


    • Randomite

      Isn’t this down to the Android Marketplace itself though? I do remember when I owned a HTC Desire I was able to get Rom apps and such to play these games.

  2. ….why do they do this kind of stuff?
    Does it even work!?

  3. Angel792

    You guys dont know how awesome this is for people who like to play old games, this is a portable emulator, there have been a lot of this systems, but this one looks the best and most powerful of all. I might pick one up myself to play N64, PSOne, Neo-Geo games ect…
    (im roboconker in the comments on youtube)

  4. Wildman

    Looks like a PSP XL to me!

    It only mocks the Wii U controller, but not the console and its features.

  5. AMAC

    I wonder where the inspiration for this product came from. On the plus side, this would be far cheaper than a Wii U or most tablets.

    P.S. I love how their website says “we are different” with a picture of a ripoff Wii U controller underneath. xD

  6. crackkat

    did u guys see the chintendo vii, that was a proper rip off


    mmm… Wii copied U ?

  8. GeneralCraezy

    Its like that molekart thing all over again T.T

  9. Hylianhero64

    I think it’d be great if Nintendo make a different version of the Wii U pad that would have Android and could still be used as, you know, a regular Wii U pad… (If it did happen, though, I highly doubt it’d have Android)

    But anyway, this thing honestly looks more appealing to me than basically every other tablet because it has buttons. That said, I don’t really have money to throw away on tablets at all… It’s reserved for the Wii U :p

  10. Alex Longclaw

    Well, it has one advantage over the Wii U… it comes in two colors…

  11. tja1993

    nintendo’s is obviously doing something right if people are copying them.

  12. Mariomaster1

    What kind of cheap knockoff is this?! It’s odd enough the PlayStation Move wasn’t called upon by Nintendo as being a clear rip off of the Wii remotes…….this is just plain terrible. Nintendo better do something about this cheap copycat……they really can’t afford taking any hits at this point. I say they sue them……just by seeing that, I am offended, China.

    • I don’t think Nintendo will lose that much business at all over this thing. This is more a pain in the butt than a threat for Nintendo. iQue, Ltd. (Nintendo’s Chinese company) will make sure of Wii U’s success in China.

  13. hang sol0

    seems legit

  14. uPadWatcher

    JXD is deliberitely infringing Nintendo’s copyright!

    • Not really. If it were an exact copy of the Wii U controller, it would be. But since the device lacks one of the Circle Pads, the shoulder buttons, and doesn’t seem to connect to a TV, and since they’re marketing it as more a tablet rather than a console, they’ll legally able to do this. Trust me, given our high-security Nintendo was in just guarding the look of the controller, Nintendo would sue the pants off them if they truly infringed their patented design.

  15. Tobz

    Dude, this isn’t much of a copy of the Wii U at all. It’s just a generic tablet… What I don’t get is how they can show illegal ROMs of old games?
    Also, seriously check the website, they have so many PSP clones!

    • N_S

      A generic tablet that has the same buttonmapping as the Wii U controller as well as the same shape.

    • Randomite

      hmmmmmm I don’t think so, if it had the same button mapping would the circle pad not be above the d-pad?

  16. jim

    i wonder if Ashens is going to review this, he reviews a lot of rippoffs, like “haipad” and a billion POP Stations

  17. Armand

    allthoug this is some knockoff shit it gives us a good example of how the mii u might be :S

  18. Might do well over there!

  19. Well, at least this may force Nintendo to do even better with their controller than this imitation. It’d be a shame if a knock-off had better features than the original. I don’t think they’ll let that happen. Nintendo’s seemed to have learned a lot of lessons in recent years, and seem determined to knock Wii U out of the park.

    • igame2012

      wii u’s contoller beat this thing in every category last years e3 lol. These things come out all they time its just for people to get an easy buck. it wont touch nintendo sales.

  20. Jenetty72

    Only the shape refers to WiiU’s tablet.The buttons scream “playstation”.As with all these devices,this “burrows” elements from various popular brands and devices,yet it works nothing like them.This could be a good device for those who want to play old games via emulators etc.There are countless similar devices like this with smaller screens, usually called “MP4 Player” wich do similar things (Play games via emulation,music,photos,video etc).So i don’t think Nintendo will loose any sleep over this or the other devices like this.If it’s priced competitively it could be relatively successfull.Almost attractive to an extent.