The (hypothetical) Project Café announcement at E3

Coming from the goodness of the IGN Boards, the user Kungfooligan has written up an amusing script for how he thinks Nintendo’s E3 2011 conference will go down. What I love about it is that Kungfooligan took the time to make it sound very realistic, to the point where I can imagine the reveal going down as he expects it to.

Satoru Iwata at E3

Here’s a short excerpt from the middle of the piece:

*Cut to Big Sister and Little Sister in the living room. Big Sister picks up a Remote and a wireless Nunchuck. Little Sister picks up the touch controller. The TV shows an HD Legend of Zelda game. Big Sister controls Link with MotionPlus accuracy. As she battles a Moblin, Little Sister administers a health potion using the touch screen. Jump cut, Big Sister looks around the breathtaking environment. Little Sister pulls up a map on her touch screen and leans over to show Big Sister. Little Sister pokes a spot on the map with her finger, and a destination marker appears on the TV screen. Big Sister and Little Sister use motion and touch controls together to solve a complex puzzle. The “Zelda Chime” plays from the touch controller.

Check out the rest of it here!

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