The Wii U will be “at its best” at launch

Satoru Iwata

We’ve heard this a few times before, but at yesterday’s investor relations meeting, Iwata took the time to reassure us that his company “learned a bitter lesson from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS” and will do everything they can to make the Wii U fantastic right at launch.

For the launch of new hardware, it is, of course, regarded as a sort of requisite not to miss the critical year-end sales season. The company is aiming to firmly complete the development of the entire system and prepare sufficient software so that the Wii U will be at its best at the time of the launch. Needless to say, we have learned a bitter lesson from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

With all the awesome Wii U features that have come out of this meeting, it really makes me happy to know that I won’t be waiting half a year for them to actually become usable.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wildman

    This shall be full of awesome!

    Shiggy cookies!
    Clean fish!

  2. Classic1980

    I’m just waiting on a date so I can Pre-order. Come on Nintendo; shut up and take my money!!!

  3. Deuce

    Judging by how the controller is held in the picture, the controller must not be all that big.

  4. We know one thing is for certain;
    This launch won’t be a screw up 😀

  5. I like how he’s holding the entire system in two hands. I can carry a Wii U easily in my backpack! Good, because I’m never leaving home without it. Hahaha!

  6. igame2012

    how much do you want to bet the system will launch with atleast 2 large first party titles(mario,starfox,metroid)? with maybe 1 or two more less known first party game like pikmin 3 or fzero. also the system will come out with very much superior and larger versions of 3rd party games. I have a good feeling about the new console . ill probably pre order one so i can get one at launch.a lot more people will probably buy the wii u than expected because of its early next gen graphics and capabilities other than gaming.

  7. Jenetty72

    We’ll see.I’m waiting to see lots of new stuff from WiiU at E3.