Ubisoft comments point to PS3/360 ports?

Is Ubisoft gearing up to fill the Wii 2 with PS3 and 360 ports?

Comments by Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, seem to suggest that 360/PS3 ports could be making their way to the Wii 2. While speaking at an investor call, Yves Guillemot explained that Ubisoft would be able to use a lot of the work that they had done for the HD consoles when developing new games for the Wii 2.

The platform Nintendo is coming with is really a fantastic platform. We think it will be extremely successful. What we see is that we will be able to leverage a lot of the work we do for Xbox 360 and PS3 while we create games for the platform. So we will not have to redo completely the games that we create. We’ll be able to use all the capacity the console is giving but also use all the work we do for the other platforms.

It is good to see developers supporting Nintendo’s next home console and are impressed with what it can do. However, what is worrying is the prospect of many ports. Of course ports can be worthwhile, especially ones that come with content exclusive to the platform such as Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. It would also be good to see some franchises such as Assassin’s Creed on the Wii 2. We will just have to wait and see what Ubisoft intends to do.



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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Oh yeah, Ubisoft portage FTW

  2. wolvesgod

    Yeah I can see it now, Microsoft and Sony bashing Nintendo for finally releasing a HD console. If it wasn’t for the Wii Sony or Microsoft would’ve never even released their motion controllers.

  3. RockD79

    I’m thinking 2012 software like Beyond Good and Evil 2 or Ghost Recon. So far im liking what the developers comments on the next nintendo system.

  4. Play4Fun

    Assassin’s Creed! hopefully with motion controls or using the rumored screen!! *Drools*
    knowing Ubisoft, they’re going to be porting like crazy.

    • F0

      Ubisoft porting the heck out of their games is unavoidable, but I’d honestly love to see a next-gen Assassin’s Creed, too. It’s not that they don’t have talented teams – it’s just that they can be a bit lazy. 😛

  5. Mason

    Bring on the crappy ubisoft titles.