Vigil want augmented reality in Darksiders 2

Darksiders II

Vigil’s Colin Banstead, the director of Darksiders 2, has some interesting ideas in mind for making use of the Wii U controller. Specifically, he’s interested in an augmented reality-esque implementation of a throwing mechanism.

One thing I saw at the [E3] press conference that I thought would be cool is using the controller as a kind of AR thing.

Because we’ve got a mechanism in the game where you throw stuff. In the first Darksiders game, you’d have to pick something up and throw it at a target.

It’s always a little difficult to use a joystick to aim precisely and you could have it so as you picked up the [Wii U] controller it would sense when it was held up in front of you and it would turn into a display showing you what was on the screen, and you’d move the target with the controller.

Along with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Darksiders 2 is the only other Wii U launch title we know of so far. You can pre-order it at Amazon here.

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  1. crackkat

    watched that interview a few months ago, you should post a link to it, its soo interesting

    • F0

      Months ago? The interview was uploaded to Youtube a couple of weeks ago. Check the source link. 😉

  2. Captainhowdy

    This is amazing. I’m very interested in this. Great article.

  3. Hylianhero64

    Man, I really hope that Killer Freaks is going to be a launch title… I love games like Left 4 Dead. I just hope I can afford at least 2 games at launch (one 1st-party, one 3rd-party).