Wii 2 confirmed for an E3 2011 reveal?

Of all the things I thought could happen while I was on my sailing excursion this week, the announcement of the Wii 2 was one I definitely wasn’t counting on.

Well, that’s exactly what happened. Without further ado, the story.

Wii 2 E3 2011

Game Informer, a site generally considered to be very reliable, claims to have received anonymous reports from “multiple sources” that Nintendo will be debuting the Wii 2 E3, if not even before then. The report confirms the following:

  • HD visuals
  • “competitive” specifications (may be more powerful than the PlayStation 3, but the reports are conflicting on this)
  • the system is being shown to publishers
  • late 2012 launch
  • Nintendo is trying to embrace the western gamer; will most likely drop the Wii branding in favour of a new one
  • Nintendo is unwilling to confirm or deny the “leak”

Thanks to Stanislava, SonOfMrPeanut, CaptainFalco331, and Ben Baker for sending this in!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. George Tirebiter

    Bennett Billard IS SonofMrPeanut. I know because I’m him under yet another alias. You can condense your list of informants a bit.

    • F0

      Ah, I see. Sorry; I’ve never seen you using that alias before. You should’ve let me know it’s you in your email. ^^; Anyhow, I’ll remember that for next time. The informants’ list has been condensed. 😛

  2. wiiboy101

    the more stuff leaked the more bogus and anti-nintendo it sounds

    a sixaxis with a screen on it replacing nunchuck and wii remote anyone thinks thats real needs a mri scan on there brain

  3. Wolvesgod

    I think this will be good if, like wiiboy said, things won’t overly exaggerated. it’s been four years since we saw the patent with that Phase company, lets hope we see holographic storage, and why the flying hell will Nintedo use Blu ray?

  4. themanuwillneverknow

    wolves nintendo cant put blu ray in the wii2 cuz blu ray is sony

    • F0

      Sony is a major supporter of Blu-ray, but they do not actually own it. The Blu-ray technology is owned by an entirely separate organization. Nintendo could license it from them and use it if they wanted to.