Wii successor to feature quad-core Marvell CPU?

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Some time ago, Sehat Sutardja, the co-founder of Marvell, slipped that “approximately 15% of the sequential increase [in quarterly sales] was due to the initial production revenue from our ARMADA application processors, primarily as a result of a major customer preparing to launch a new gaming platform.

When this statement was first heard, all signs pointed towards this new gaming platform being Nintendo’s shiny new 3DS handheld. That has now been proven not to be the case, and the CPU won’t be coming to the PSP2, either — or any battery-powered device, for that matter.

Engadget quizzed Marvell’s Jack Kang at Mobilize 2010 about the company’s new quad-core ARMADA processor, to which he replied that it used up too much power to be feasible for portable devices. This leaves only one possibility: it’s going to be part of a new home console. Microsoft and Sony are treating the releases of Kinect and Move as if they were entirely new platforms, so it’s very unlikely that they’ve currently got plans to launch the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4. The Wii, on the other hand, is already showing signs of slowing down, with its rivals finally starting to eat into its incredible share of the console gaming pie; it’s inevitable successor can’t be too far away at this point.

Therefore, if Kang’s statement is to be believed, Nintendo has just filed a voluminous order of quad-core ARMADAs with Marvell with the intent of using them in the Wii 2. Fact or not? You be the judge.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. wiiboy101

    there is no eating into wii s lead,, the gap is still widening in wiis favor,, by end 2010 and end fiscal year 2010 i.e march april 2011 the wii will have been again the lead selling system for 2010 just like every single year from the day it released….there for the userbase gap is still widening in wiis favor not the HD twins regardless of a rise from the other 2 if wii maintains its lead then basic maths tells us its lead is widening not shortening

    • F0

      No, the Wii’s lead is being eaten into, all right. It’s probably still gonna come out on top this calendar and fiscal year, but after that, it’ll sizzle away while Kinect and Move gain a following.

  2. videogamer

    yes two flops waiting to happen will kill the fastest selling console in history,you cannot disrupt a disruptor,ipad killed walkman along with all other mp3s the psp and its umd tried to fight back DS destroyed psps gameboy ambitions and ipod mp3 etc killed sony stick and umd ,once a company is disrupted it cannot fight back wii is doing this to playstation brand culture as we speak 3DS will own 2011 not kinect or move and 3DS will lead the 3D revolution not sonys tvs by end 2011 wiis lead will be insane and every console with nintendo motion kinect and move will be tiny niche and 3DS the 2011 biggest seller wii has disrupted the whole industry 3DS is the killer blow

    by 2012 wii controls will be the mainstream standard 3DS the main handheld and kinect/move total failers or tiny niche

    making a new wii the console people want xbox/ps cannot go next gen with move/kinect as they would have already failed presto nintendo has DISRUPTED the whole industry just like ipod did to music industry and electrical companys like sony dony has been hunted down and slane by nintendo/apple/samsung,,,sony fans to fanboy to admit that FACT

  3. mark

    lol i love how videogamer’s second paragraph is so wrong. “by 2012 wii controls will be the mainstream standard 3DS the main handheld and kinect/move total failers or tiny niche”

    i’m not gonna hate since he posted so long ago, its just funny because i’m sure alot of people were thinking that same way. Nintendo has never been an easily predictable company…never will be…