Wii U could get Streetpass and Spotpass updates

Two of the key features of the 3DS may become compatible with the Wii U. Streetpass which allows 3DS systems to transmit data to each other instantly and Spotpass which allows the 3DS to connect to wireless hotspots and receive data are key features of the Nintendo 3DS but it could be that the Wii U will share this feature.

Nintendo is talking internally about applying changes to Wii U software using updates received on the Nintendo 3DS, Iwata said. It is not expected that everyone will go online with the Wii U, so Nintendo is looking into what kinds of changes or new data can be sent to the Wii U using the 3DS.

Satoru Iwata noted that this transfer method would be great for those who would not connect their Wii U to the internet as they would experience changes on their Wii U system without having to connect the Wii U online.

In theory, you could walk around outside and receive a spotpass update from a wireless point or pass someone else’s 3DS and take that new data back to the Wii U.

It’s nice to see that Nintendo is trying to cover all bases with the Wii U and thinking about new ways to get updates and new things to the Wii U. This would also be a nice reward for those who have bought both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

So what do you think about this type of connectivity?

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  1. Wertville

    I so called this 😀
    (I didn’t think it would actually happen, though O.o)