Wii U Pro Controller

Nintendo has revealed a controller for the Wii U without a tablet screen. This is sure to appease people who have been complaining about the screen on the controller. This controller, called the “Wii U Pro” controller, resembles a classic home console controller, for those looking for a classic control scheme, your wish has been granted.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    Now we have three layouts!! Xbox Analog and face buttons
    Playstation D pad and face buttons
    And WII U :DDDDDDD Analog and analog

  2. For what i could see, in the controller, it’s possible to tell that:

    It will had an internal battery, so that you could charge it, by a micro-usb connection, just look as the “top” of the controller;

    There are Four point on the “inferior” part of the controlle,r that must be for other players identification (like controler 2, 3 and 4 is on, or something like that!);

    It has the shape much like, the Xbox 360 controller:

    and the OnLive controller:

    But “invert”, with the analogs, onde the “external” side or part. just like the Tablet controler, and the circle pad on 3DS.

  3. alex

    The WiiU is going to be the best. My family is going to love it. Nintendo is the best. (:

  4. real gamers evolve and adapt

    a wiiu pad button lay out and a x360 looking face and no doubt a wavebird/gamecube like underside and gamecube like shoulder clickers analog triggers and two additional shoulder buttons this like the classic pad is aimed at suckering in the ps3 x360 retards ,i love how nintendo do this

    controls for RETARD GAMERS that cannot adapt to better newer vastly supieor controls COUGH COUGH CLASSIC PAD SUPPORT IN COD/PES ETC

    lol at the so called core

    • uPadWatcher

      Troll much? Relax! Microsoft had to mimick the GameCube controller and added analog triggers for their original Xbox console. A controller is just a controller. Move on….

  5. Fernando

    Before anybody comments madly about this, Microsoft has copied Nintendo before in the Xbox 360 controller, so Nintendo has now the rights to copy Microsoft!

    • ddddd

      Well, Micro$oft made that Smart Glass thing so….

  6. Silver Arrow

    It’s nice, but now that I look at it, with its button layout and double L and R buttons, it looks a little too close to the PS3 controller. Still though, it’s good for those who don’t want to hold a massive tablet the whole time.

  7. 54321 OWNED

    a controller is just a controller IF THAT MADE SENSE then we aould still be gaming on nes pads or even atari joysticks LOL

  8. Alkaia

    To be honest, last time I felt that Wii remote buttons are not so comfortable for platformer games such as Kirby’s Wii, even gc controller is better with RPG (e.g Fire Emblem).
    But for The Last Story, using Wii Remote is still valid, not sure about classic one. So I really looking forward for classic controller this time. As well as the gamepad.
    Wish for comfortable use controller.