Wii U version of Double Fine’s new project is ‘possible’

Tim Schafer of Double Fine has suggested the possibility of Wii U support in a tweet not long ago. Double Fine, responsible for games such as Brutal Legend and Psychonauts, recently started a campaign to gain funding for a  new project. The new game will be a classic point-and-click adventure.

When asked by a fan on Twitter whether a Wii U version of the new project would be “likely,” Schafer responded:

[blackbirdpie id=”167855955931971584″]

While this tweet is hardly a confirmation, it will be interesting to see whether this initial interest will develop into a game for the Wii U.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. crackkat

    great that he replyed 🙂

  2. Would be great to see a point and click adventure on the Wii U… Would work pretty good actually.

  3. Wow, it’s amazing how much my indie game development life and Nintendo fan life keep bumping into each other lately! I was following along Double Fine’s success with Kickstarter, primarily since I’m starting a Kickstarter project myself.

    I’m an indie game developer myself, and I have games I’d like to bring to the Wii U (eventually), but I need to develop my games first for PC/Mac and with an iPad version first, to generate enough income to become a licensed Wii U developer. (To become a licensed developer with Nintendo, you need their console’s software developer’s kit and your own leased office building.)

    And now I see Double Fine using their (ridiculously) successful Kickstarter campaign (they raised $400,000 in just 8 hours, and are currently almost at $2 million now) to possibly bring their game to Wii U. Dude, this is all so inspiring! It’s looking like we won’t just be getting third-party developer support for Wii U, but also a good surge of indie developers as well. Wii U just might explode with creative indie games!

    • Waller

      Great! I loved Brutal Legend!