Wii U’s final form to be shown at E3 2012

Satoru Iwata

Nintendo just held their last investor relations meeting, in which Iwata revealed that he’s planning to have the Wii U shown in its “final format” at E3 2012. What we can take away from this is that they’re still actively developing the console and making changes to it… that, or Nintendo have something they’re hiding from us until the perfect moment.

Either way, it should be a great show next year, especially when you consider that Iwata also admitted to having “learned a bitter lesson” with the launch of the 3DS and re-assured us that Nintendo “are trying to take every possible measure so that the Wii U will have a successful launch.”

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Hylianhero64

    Can’t wait for the WiiU!!! Or, more specifically, the first party stuff that’ll come out for it. I get giddy imagining what Retro can do with the WiiU.

    • dylon

      i do metroid prime 4 would be awsome

  2. THE I

    Let’s hope they come up with something additional to the controller to make it a great system-seller. The possibilities are literary endless. (Full use of the 3DS as a controller would be nice, which they are already considering.)

  3. RockD79

    This was to be expected. Longer the wait the better the launch will be. September to November and I’m gonna take a shot and say that Grand Theft Auto V is definitely a possibility for launch. I don’t agree with Pachters May 2012 release. I’m thinking more like October 2012 on the other two and a November release on Wii U. Again, I’m just taking a stab at this. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Biohazard

    It’s good to hear Nintendo admitting their mistakes in their press conferences. Not too many gaming companies (or any company for that matter) do that, especially Capcom who blame their failures on the customers.

  5. Slacker

    Nintendo wants to show what the new system looks like show Wii U games in full glory witch thay couldent at E3 this year wonder what graphics are like thay must have something up there sleav we all redy know that it has an openGL on borders of Dx11 and a power7 witch means its a monster system with lots of power