Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 not coming until 2014

Wii 2 - Unopposed

You can put those fears of Microsoft’s and Sony’s next consoles prematurely crushing the Wii 2 to rest now, as “industry sources” have told Kotaku that both of Nintendo’s competitors are gunning for 2014 to release their new consoles. By the sound of the (anonymous, as always) report, Microsoft have just barely begun to develop the successor to the Xbox 360, not even knowing what parts will be going into it; and Sony are still trying to milk every last sale out of the PlayStation 3.

This means that Nintendo could potentially remain uncontested in the eighth generation of consoles for quite some time, allowing them to build up a solid reputation before Microsoft and Sony even have a chance to react. The best they could do if they feel “pushed,” according to Kotaku’s source, is hastily move their new console launches to 2013 – still most likely an entire year after the Wii 2 will have come out and caused an international gaming sensation.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Play4Fun

    Nintendo isn’t going to do a simple upgrade and leave it at that, so their hands will probably be pushed anyways.

  2. Jikayaki

    Depending on how far Nintendo upgrades the capability of their hardware one of the other two will launch shortly later. If AMD Trinity APU rumors are true we’re looking at quite a large jump over current HD consoles in a very cost effective form. In 2013 Microsoft will likely launch simply to stop Project Cafe from cannibalizing their market and mindshare completely out from under them. Sony will have to follow or give up on the console market.