‘Zelda Universe’ rated for unknown ‘online’ platform [Updated]

Update: According to GoNintendo, the rating has existed for years, and refers to the official Zelda Universe website, despite what I initially thought. So that’s that. Nothing exciting.

Today, the Entertainment Software Rating Board – colloquially known as the ESRB – released a rating that is sure to spur lots of discussion.

Zelda Universe ESRB RatingThe rating reveals a new Zelda game that apparently contains violence, but not enough for a Teen or even Everyone 10+ rating, for an unknown platform. The listed “online” platform may as well be meaningless, as it is often used by the ESRB to simply denote console or PC games that deliver an online experience. It may also point towards an interactive browser-based game, but knowing Nintendo, that’s probably not the case. Meaning, Zelda Universe – whatever it even is – is most likely a 3DS or Project Café game. It’s worth noting that Nintendo’s official website for the Zelda franchise is called “Zelda Universe,” but I doubt they’re related.

What exactly could this mysterious project be? I’m going to go all-out on this one and guess that it’s an MMO set in the Zelda world. MMO’s have proven to be massively popular over the years, and the Zelda…erm, universe seems like a great place to have one take place in. That’s just my own wild and crazy guess, though, so I’d love to hear yours in the comments.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. epic fail feldo

    • F0

      I’ll be honest here: I wasn’t really even into video games back when this rating was first registered, so I had absolutely no idea it existed. No one’s perfect. ^^;

    • George Tirebiter

      …epic fail feldo. 😛

      But seriously, I was a bit bummed out when I remembered what Zelda Universe is. Still, we know the Anniversary thing is still happening and will most likely be announced in full capacity at E3, so we still have that to look forward to.

  2. knux03

    i know what itrs remember they said 2 zeldas were coming skyward and unknown one

    link for more info:http://www.qj.net/wii/news/nintendo-unveils-new-zelda-game-logos.html


    “Finally, above is the new logo celebrating the entire franchise’s 25th Anniversary. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has hinted at this year’s Game Developers Conference that Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword won’t be the only things fans can look forward to during the anniversary. Nintendo is reportedly also working on something exra for the fans that will be revealed sometime this year.”

    • George Tirebiter

      We know that, but (at least for the moment based on what we know) that has nothing to do with the rerating of the Zelda Universe website by the ESRB.

      I’m stoked to see what they’re planning, and I hope it’s revealed @ E3.

  3. Epic Kirby

    Everyone makes mistakes.

    • Why was I in Germany when I posted this???