Super Smash Bros. 4 may feature a Capcom character

OkamiSpeaking to IGN in an interview, Masahiro Sakurai had a couple of interesting things to say about Super Smash Bros. When asked about the possibility of a Capcom character or two making it into the game’s Wii U and 3DS installment, he replied:

I can’t say that it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility that some Capcom character could appear in the next Smash Bros. The big problem, though, comes from the idea of trying to get characters from a completely different universe to fit with the style that has been dictated by Nintendo’s characters in a fighting game.

Furthermore, he made it clear how miraculous it was that he got Nintendo’s own worlds to mesh together at all, noting specifically the difficulty of adding Pokémon to the mix. It’s understandable how much harder it gets with third-party characters, but seeing Solid Snake and Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl gives me hope that Sakurai might go to the trouble of securing a few licenses for the next game once again.

If you could choose one Capcom character to make it into Super Smash Bros. 4, who would it be? My personal pick is Okami Amaterasu.

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  1. chinomanila

    Leon Scott?

  2. Hennesy

    The Smith Syndicate. Cycles between the 7 main personalities with the down B move and transform into Harman for the final smash it would be sick.

  3. Epic Kirby

    I think Guest would be happy with that xD.

    I’d like to see Ryu as it would make a lot of sense, Leon Scott is also a good choice. Sissel from Ghost Trick is also a good one.

    • Epic Kirby

      Oh wait I just realised you said choose ONE lol

  4. Someone

    My avatar! :P

    I really hope it’s Okami Amaterasu; that would completely make my decade if it was! It could also be Megaman, though, or Ryu. Please let it be Ammy (nickname for Amaterasu, for those who haven’t played Okami (GET IT if you haven’t))!

    • Ammy Emily

      YES! Another Okami supporter! Ammy all the way!

  5. RogerMyers JR

    MEGAMAN, its the only choice.
    Anothers like ryu and viewtiful joe sounds cool too, but megaman belongs to smash.
    Back in 2007 Sonic was the most voted. Then Megaman follow in votes.
    In fact (Americas) vote for Sonic, and Japan for Megaman

    If namco appears in the conversation, please bring pacman too, is a icon and symbol of video games.

    • George Tirebiter

      Exactly. As Derek from Classic Game Room said in their Top 10 Most Wanted Characters for Super Smash Bros. 3DS (now Wii U/3DS) List as he named Mega Man #1, “If you were playing Mega Man, you were playing Nintendo…Mega Man doesn’t just fit into the Smash Bros. universe, he belongs there.”

      Besides, Amaterasu is already playable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  6. knux03


  7. Guest

    Give me Shiranui (Amaterasu before she was killed by Orochi, is awesomely powerful but you can’t play as her)! No, give me both Ammy and Shiranui! =D

    • Ammy Emily

      I think Amaterasu should just be one character, and for her final smash she could become Shiranui.

  8. Limelight788

    Come on Mega Man, please be playable, please be playable. He’s my most wanted character for SSB4.

    Might be good to read the article here:

    You should also vote in the poll. I voted for Mega Man.

    • Epic Kirby

      Ah yes, Megaman would also be an awesome choice.

  9. Dylan rad

    I’d say that the only real possibilities are:
    Mega Man
    and Sir Arthur

    Ryu would be a good choice for representing the Capcom series. I had my doubts on it, but seeing Snake in brawl…just opened so much possibilities. Mega Man is also a good choice due to his character design and proportions being similar to the Mario universe. Sir arthur also for that reason.

  10. Coty

    Step 1: Make an HD Monster Hunter title
    Step 2: Allow me to use my Monster Hunter character in the new smash brothers

    I know it won’t happen, but a man can dream, can’t he?

    • thatoneguy

      Ha ha YES! A Monster Hunter character would be awesome! Coming form my favorite CAPCOM series that would be cool XD. But if not that then maybe Dante from Devil May Cry, or Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 6. I Know they don’t fit that well but Snake fit well in SSBB. anyways just some suggestions.

    • thatoneguy

      HA ha YES! that would be awesome! A CAPCOM character from my favorite series would be amazing! and if not that than Dnate from Devil May Cry or Leon from Resident Evil 6.

  11. brenard

    zero ( megaman zero) needs to join with megaman

  12. felix343

    zero all the way

  13. Will

    Zero along with megaman

  14. striker

    jeez really hard… my choices are Megaman/X either or. and zero

  15. MrAuthor3DS

    Hoo boy…I’m stuck between Amaterasu and Phoenix Wright.

  16. Megaman or Megaman X, seriously. Heres why:

    #1 He has been around since 1987, and he has over 100 games, and most of them are on Nintendo consoles.
    #2 He can assimilate character’s abilities and use them as his own (aka special weapons). He has abilities of his own as well.
    #3 If they can put Solid snake and Sonic in it, they can put Megaman in as well
    #4 Megaman had 2 highly anticipated games got cancelled last year, and Capcom are not treating him well.
    #5 He WILL attract more customers in buying this new game. He has over a million fans already.
    #6 There’s already a MASSIVE demand for him lately, so why not?

    • dorianman x

      i agree 110% megaman is the best choice from capcom franchise

  17. Okami.

    • dorianman x

      okami suck, plus she doesnt fit the criteria of ssb, the game is ok i guess, personally i would never play it again, i got bored of it in less than 5 minutes (okami that is), if theres gonna be a capcom character, the only one that would qualify would be classic megaman, my favorite is X, but we have to be realistic and admit what 3rd party (in this case capcom) characters can join and fit the criteria of super smash bro. personally i don’t think my favorite megaman ( x ) would fit either, or any other megaman, people need to stop and think for a sec, because comments like: okami and cloud (ff) and geno (from mario rpg) should be in the game, ryu and other street fighter characters seem very cool too, but none of these characters fit the criteria of ssb, but again, these are the causes of not getting the ” right or correct” characters in the game, people want sooo many characters and at the end nintendo has the last word, for example in ultimate marvel vs capcom 3, people wanted pheonix write sooooo bad, that when they got him finally in the game, everybody or at least a great number of people either like the fact that he is in it but wont play with him, or hate him because he’s a worthless character that people “thought” would be cool to have, which means that it was a waste of slot “character” people need to learn from that mistake and do not mess up this new opportunity to come up with cool characters, im not a fan of pacman, in fact i dont care for him, but i do agree that he would be a “perfect” character to join SSB

    • Ammy Emily

      OKAMI AMATERASU ALL THE WAY. To dorianman x:Megaman sucks: he’s old news. If they wanted to put him into a smash bros game they would have done it a long time ago. Okami is my favourite game ever. You don’t have to put down other games just so you get your megaman.

    • Iskander

      Lol no they couldnt have, he doesn’t belong to Nintendo XD

    • Iskander

      Hahahahaha, no they couldn’t have ammy,back then it was 100% Nintendo, they’re just barely inserting third party characters, sonic because we wanted him since melee, and snake, probably because of the fans but i have to agree with this and i plated okami, nice story but, amaterasu belongs in okami, and should stay there, she kinda sux in mvc3…

  18. Damon

    I would like Viewtiful Joe. Several other characters deserve mention, but he seems like one of the least overrated

    I’m actually not a fan of the Megaman series, I just never got into it and I will cut myself if he’s the character who makes it into the game!
    (not really but it will suck)

    • Damon

      correction: most underrated

    • Unknown

      I agree megaman is not really that great at all

    • Ammy Emily

      Yes. My vote will always go to Okami Amaterasu, not megaman. He’s totally overrated.

  19. dorianman x

    viewtiful joe sounds like might fit, but then again, people need to remember that not only is he in marvel vs capcom3 and ultimate marvel vs capcom 3, people wanted that character sooooooo bad, he made it in, i was glad he did, and u know what? for what? he’s one of the least picked characters, he has his cool signature moves, but nobody plays with him, just like pheonix write, people cry and moan for a character that doesn’t have the specs to join a fight along side other major characters and take the place of other or greater characters that could of made a better impression instead, people need to learn from these mistakes,its not that im bashing viewtiful joe or amaterasu or other cool characters, but remeber that its best to have better characters than just plain characters that people will not play with as much in super smash brothers, for example, in super smash brothers, there was dr. mario and pichu, these characters are cool, but it would off been better if they where skins for mario and pikachu, and could of replaced them with any other new character, nobody plays with them and they where a waste of a roster, why not waluigi or bulbasaur or something? this new installment of brawl should have fan favorite characters that the majority of gamers will enjoy and not just characters that we just want to see but not play with them, megaman sound like the better of the bunch, pacman ,rayman ,bomberman,hey ill even throw those guys from Banjo-Kazooie,mii characters, or even animal crossing all these characters fit, and should join the brawl

    • dorianman x

      omg people, no dante, no okami, no joe, no street fighter, all these characters are cool, but DONT FIT THE CRITERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!only megaman, they got away with snake cause the creator od metal gear begged for that character to be in it, other than that if it wasnt for him, it woulnt be in brawl in the first place……….joe, street fighter and dante are in the same category, megaman looks better next to ,ario and kirby, not other capcom games!!!

  20. alex

    Would be cool to see Dante from Devil may cry his move set would be easy to make. I don’t see whats so cool about megaman he would be just like samus except a guy.

    • Unknown Username

      That is what I thought when I started seeing a few people saying they want megaman. Honestly hes to much like samus for me. I see him this way he is Samus’ strange younger cousin in small blue tights that samus fells akward being around because he cramps her style.

  21. Unknown

    Yea Dante’s moveset are all in the DMC games and he has taunts to go with it.

  22. nephi

    I want to see Dante in it

  23. dorianman x

    to: Ammy Emily………same goes to u, if that mut was reaaaally great, how come he is the LOWEST pickted character in marvel vs capcom? i at least can say megaman has alot of games in any game council, i only seeing okami in almost none, just cause u like that dog, doesnt mean the world does too, if he is so great how come there isnt any more games from it? he sucked in marvel vs capcom and she will suck in any game she is in….she is the least capcom favorite character, if u dont believe m, check the pools, she is the worst capcom character, and her sidekick is a retarted flea? BOOOORRRIIINNNG!!!!

    • Ammy Emily

      Quantity of games doesn’t matter;its the QUALITY! Megaman just stands around and shoots stuff. i don’t really care how many people played as Ammy in marvel vs capcom. You can’t judge the game if you played it once then got bored. Her sidekick IS NOT A RETARTED FLEA he’s Issun and you would know that if you even bothered to finish the game! I don’t care if both megaman and amaterasu are in smash bros 4 – I’m just supporting ammy cause I like her better. I also don’t care if you like her or not – I’m just saying she’s BETTER!

    • dorianman x

      my point exacly, so dont get butt hurt just cause ur the only ammy supporter, plus about that “side kick” of tha b-i-t-c-h of a dog ( cause thats the correct way to call a female dog) i dont care what it is or the name of it is, just saying, u can say all u want about megaman, i dont care…all i know is that he has more following fans than that mutt, if u really want a real dog, maybe they should consider putting rush the dog instead…… ;)

  24. dorianman x

    and yes that FLEA ( issun) is to be the relevance of a retarded flea regardless of any other form or part he plays in that horrible thing u call a “fun game”….capcom just needed some fast cash and hired a retard to create okami just cause they were bored or busy creating some REAL games like resident evil and such, (it should be called okama instead of okami wich in japanese means GAY)just like ur lame comments

  25. dorianman x

    plus, it looks like from ur comments, u appear to be in ur 20s, a fat nerdy vigin thast cant get laid and its only confort is to fantasies about frictional characters because u have nothing to do on a friday night, but to sit down in ur couch and masterbate to them………….dirty dirty girl, stop doing tat and go outside of ur 4 walls and live

  26. dorianman x

    ammy emily is an otaku whore!!!

    • Ammy Emily

      What the hell is your problem?! Don’t get personal! Nobody likes people like that!

  27. kanodoom

    The possibility of Capcom Characters would be either Zero from Megaman X series or Strider Hiryu from Strider Arcade game. It’s likely would be Zero.

  28. Mio

    YES. I want Okami. It shouldn’t be too incredibly hard to make this happen, seeing as Toon Link came from a game with similar graphics/style, and they incorporated him into Brawl.

    • Iskander

      Yes, but toon link, well, link in general has been with Nintendo for as long as I can remember.

  29. Zelda fan#1

    Okami all the way!!! Okami would actually be a very likely character because recently okami has had 2 games, one for the Wii, and a prequel for the DS. So it’s very likely that she’d be chosen.
    Though allot of people “want” megaman, I just don’t see that happening. Why you ask? Well for 1 thing he hasn’t appeard since the NES days, if they wanted to add him he would of been in brawl, just like Pit from kid Icarus, his first and last game was on the NES, but they surprisingly made him appear in brawl. Like Pit, if they wanted megaman so badly then he would of been in brawl.

    Okami’s move set:
    A to jump
    Since with okami you paint to attack, you’d use the touch screen to attack.
    B to do meele attacks
    Final smash would be turning into Shiranu (and just to clarify, Shiranu is a male)

    • Ammy Emily

      Thank you!

  30. shupah

    I want zero (megaman zero) and classic megaman

  31. thatoneguy

    I don’t really feel like Megaman should be in the game he’s to much like Samus except a guy. I see Megaman like this: he’s Samus’ strange younger cousin in blue tights who she doesn’t want to be around because he would only cramp her style. If they are going to put him in the game then please make his play style way different that Samus’.