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New Resident Evil: Revelations trailer showcases “Infernal” mode

It has been revealed that the Resident Evil: Revelations port making its way to the Wii U will contain the “Infernal” difficulty mode. The new hardcore difficulty mode promises “remixed”  item and enemy placement. With HD visuals, new modes and online co-op play it seems like the title is shaping up quite nicely. Keep reading […]

Lost Planet 3 may be coming to Wii U

A scan from the upcoming issue of GameInformer shows Lost Planet 3 set for Wii U release on a game preview. Capcom have yet to comment on this.

Capcom won’t be having playable Wii U games at E3

According to Nintendo World Report Capcom will not be having playable games on any Nintendo consoles at E3 2012. Nintendo World Report were told by a Capcom representative that this would be the case. However, though it seems that Capcom will not have any playable games this does not in any way rule out the […]

Lost Planet 3 to release in 2013. What about Wii U?

The third person shooter Lost Planet 3 will be heading to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2013. By this time, the Wii U would hopefully be out and therefore hypothetically, a  Wii U version of the Lost Planet 3 game would be possible. Now Gamer seemed to think so too and posed the question of a […]

Capcom says “no Resident Evil 6 for Wii U right now”

Capcom has gone on record saying that Resident Evil 6 is not to be released for the Wii U, at least not in the same timeframe as its release for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. Hiroyuki Kobayashi said, Unfortunately, RE6 will not be available at this time on the Wii U. Right now we’re concentrating […]

Capcom still won’t confirm or deny Resident Evil 6 Wii U

Resident Evil Revelations was released on the Nintendo 3DS to critical acclaim, but it is still not clear whether the Wii U will be getting some Resident Evil love as well. Senior Vice President of Capcom, Christian Svensson, has been answering Resident Evil fans’ questions on the Capcom forums. When one user asked about the possibility […]

There is more to the Wii U than what we’ve seen

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has gotten his hands on a Wii U dev kit and seems to be quite happy with everything it has to offer. In a recent interview, he specifically reassured us that there is lots more to see than what Nintendo showed us last E3 and at CES. What we saw last E3 is not […]

Capcom are considering Asura’s Wrath for the Wii U

Asura’s Wrath, an action game coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year, has a chance of making it to the Wii U as well, if Capcom’s latest comments are to be believed. They said they’d consider bringing it to the Wii U if enough demand is seen for it on their forums as […]

Capcom may show off a Wii U project at the Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Games Show (typically abbreviated as TGS) is often thought of as Japan’s E3. David Reeves, the head of Capcom Europe, has hinted that Capcom might have a Wii U project to show off there. Capcom haven’t announced anything officially on Wii U. I think they have done prototypes. There are only so many […]

Kawata would love to put Resident Evil on the Wii U

While speaking to CVG, Masachika Kawata, mentioned that he would “love” to make a Resident Evil game for the Wii U. However, no decision has been made yet but he was excited about the new opportunities that the console gives. While stressing that no actual decision has been made he did have this to say. “I’d love […]