A public video address by Reggie Fils-Aime

Right as Sony’s conference came to a close, Nintendo put up a short video clip by Reggie to help stir the buzz for their show tomorrow (not as if they needed it).

Just look at that content grin on his face. I think Reggie knows he’s got E3 in the bag.

Is your body ready?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. tomtwelve


  2. zxride64

    Reggie show please show us something great from nintendo please.

  3. RockD79

    I wish he address the 3DS update. Its almost midnight. Only one hour left of the 6th lol!

    • 0003mg

      On the east coast at least… Nintendo HQ is on the west coast.

  4. Meelow

    My body is so ready :D.

  5. Kaito

    There is now way Nintendo can loose now epically after the boring conference from Sony.

    Psst! by the way Nintendo… could I have star fox as launch tittle for cafe? 😛

  6. Jack

    No update yet. What’s up? Seriously!

    • miiworldtoo

      Patience, it’s not yet dark here at Pacific Time 😛
      But seriously, I smell another victory trophy from Nintendo

  7. Liemlight788

    After a very strong Sony E3 2011, if Nintendo wants to win this E3, they have a large uphill battle to deal with. It will be great, but in order to win, they must have an exceptional conference. Which makes me look forward to it.

    That said, it will be better then Microsoft’s E3 2011, which sucked hard.

  8. SuperSonic227

    Nintendo easily has what it takes to win this one.

    Bring quality games, just like last year, secret new announcements (which seems likely given how little we know about the Big N’s next lineup)…

    But this is where they need to be careful…

    Bring the new hardware to the market at the right price. Sony just issued you a major challenge, one you failed with the 3DS. Price the Cafe correctly, (350$ or less), and you’ll gain thunderous applauses and easily steal the show. Drop the 3DS price, and all mistakes made so far (which aren’t that many, the 3DS price could’ve been worse) will not only be erased, you will dominate erase any doubts about your future.

    Mess up on price and game selection for the next console (above 400$), and you’ll lose a lot of thunder you could’ve gained.

    Don’t let me down Nintendo. I know you’ll be great!

  9. SteveDOF

    Although we all want to hear about the new console, I think Nintendo will want to talk more about the 3DS. I’m hoping they give us more than teasers for the Cafe, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The less they tell us now, the more surprises they can bring down the line and the more the rumour mill churns on…

    I’m trying not to get to excited, just yet, we’ve all been disappointed before.

    Sony did okay, $240 for the Vita is a good price and it looks like a really excellent device.

    I think the 3D monitor is a bit of a risk, we already know people don’t like 3D glasses and that other non-glasses systems are in development.

    Glad to see some quality FPS games are being given “Move” controls, that means we will probably see the same, at least for non-exclusive titles, on the Cafe. In my opinion, the Wiimote and Nunchuck, which the “Move” copies, is the best control system for FPS games, by a long, long way.

  10. SteveDOF

    I’m not entirely convinced with the reports about “Kinect”. It sounds okay, but we’re hearing a lot about “broad strokes” control, which doesn’t bode well. I’m betting Microsoft, or even a third party, will bring out a peripheral with buttons, to add a greater depth of control for hardcore games, some time in the future.