A video interview with the art director of Darksiders 2

We have a new video interview for Darksiders II featuring the game’s art director, Han Randhawa, who talks about the power of the system as well as the thoughts that went into the story and the new protagonist, Death.

You can watch it after the break.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. zxride64

    This game has all of my want.

  2. Darksiders 2 for Nintendo….. I never thought I’d say that. Having all these third parties come over to Nintendo should be a good sign at how well the Wii U will be! I hope lol.


  3. My comment went away?!? Not sure why but anyway, I’m very excited that these 3rd party games are coming to Wii U. With rumors of xbox 720 not having a disc drive and Playstation4 making you pay to play used games. Nintendo has a bright future with gamers!!