All EA Sports games for the Wii U will have online connectivity

Peter Moore of EA sports has recently shared his thoughts on online gameplay, the Wii U and how sports games could be enhanced by the Wii U’s unique controller.

On online gameplay he said that there would be no more offline games coming from EA sports including those coming to the Wii U. This is a very welcome approach as I was quite disappointed to hear that Madden 3DS did not have any online multiplayer features.

“(the games industry is) clearly becoming an industry that’s taking massive franchises and then spreading that experiences across multiple platforms and multiple geographies, anytime, anywhere. There will be no offline games, and it’s very pleasing to see how our industry has embraced connectivity, has changed our business models to react to consumer demands.” Moore said.

He also shared his opinions on the Wii U.

“My dev teams — their heads are exploding, in a good way and a bad way. How do we look at this new technology? We don’t just want to bolt this on; this has to be relevant to the sports gamer. …from the perspective of once again, Nintendo is putting a different spin on things, showing that it’s not all about graphic fidelity and processing power. In the world of sports, our minds are racing as to how we can bring a sports game to life in a unique way. (Using the controller to call plays in Madden is) kind of a no-brainer for us.” He said. We love the fact [Wii U] is high def, that Nintendo has a renewed focus on building online communities. Nintendo adds that kind of outlier mentality that is a very different take on what the industry needs, and more power to them.”


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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Limelight788

    Good. Online multi-players in games capable of it is a must nowadays.

    • Ruthie

      Especially in games like this which is why I was so disappointed that Madden 3DS didn’t have online play.