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Peter Moore: Wii U’s online capabilities are “really extensive”

Anyone who’s been following this blog for a few weeks has probably heard Peter Moore of EA praising the Wii U. Today, we’ve got more – but it’s very interesting to note that he made a point to rave about the console’s online capabilities, which are apparently “really extensive”. It’s a very exciting machine and […]

Peter Moore is fascinated by the Wii U

From being called upon by Satoru Iwata at E3 to their gush of positive comments on the system, it seems that EA’s enthusiasm for the Wii knows no bounds. Not too long ago, Peter Moore let out another stream of praise for the system’s dual-screen experience, explaining how it applies to the modern gadget-crazy world. […]

EA still loves the Wii U

Peter Moore, EA’s COO, recently commented on the Wii U speaking to Reuters. Nothing substantial was revealed, but he did state that everything was still going smoothly and that they plan to bring all of their key franchises to the system. It’s good to know that a big company like EA is so committed to […]

All EA Sports games for the Wii U will have online connectivity

Peter Moore of EA sports has recently shared his thoughts on online gameplay, the Wii U and how sports games could be enhanced by the Wii U’s unique controller. On online gameplay he said that there would be no more offline games coming from EA sports including those coming to the Wii U. This is […]