Amazon Germany lists Project Café

Amazon's Project Café listing

Although I doubt that even Amazon has seen the console yet, their German division has already put up a placeholder page for the console, which has garnered 53 “likes” at the time of writing this. Earlier, there were a whole bunch of reviews and even a rating of four stars, too, but those seem to have been taken down. You can’t pre-order it just yet, but you can sign up to get an email notification as soon as you’re able to.

There’s a lengthy product description on the page, which appears to be sourced from There’s nothing new in it, but it does seem to be surprisingly sure about backwards compatibility with Wii games. If anyone requests a full translation of it in the comments, I’ll make one and add it to this post; but again, there really isn’t anything to learn.

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  1. Guest

    Sounds fake, and it’s not very up-to-date, too.
    GameStar claims that Retro is reputedly working on a new Metroid and that Nintendo might announce it in April.
    Well, I don’t like their frequent usage of the word “reputedly”…

  2. josh dale possible news

    might want to take a look at the latest rumours circulating, supposedly leaking the CAFE specs

  3. josh dale possible news

    too much to summaries quickly but contains sources. rumours console name to be “Current”, list of titles including super mario world 3 + info and nintendo registered controller patent image resembling the rumoured cafe controller.

    not sure if this is news worthy but thought i should link it anyway

    josh dale