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Every E3 attendant is a walking ad for the Wii U & 3DS

Above is this year’s E3 press badge. As you can see, it features Nintendo-themed lanyards advertising the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Even the character Teddy from Persona is there. I wonder how much money Nintendo paid to get this exclusive ad space. At any rate, it’s a humorous thought that every single E3 attendant this […]

Amazon Germany lists Project Café

Although I doubt that even Amazon has seen the console yet, their German division has already put up a placeholder page for the console, which has garnered 53 “likes” at the time of writing this. Earlier, there were a whole bunch of reviews and even a rating of four stars, too, but those seem to […]

Video: A (fake) Project Café console from Craigslist

One of Rooster Teeth‘s latest videos joins into the barrage of alleged Project Café leaks we’ve had over the past few days with a comical spin. It’s nothing glamorous or particularly high-end, but rather serves to simply poke fun at all the totally unconfirmed rumours about the console – and succeeds gloriously in doing so. […]

A Metroid screenshot (faked, but awesome nonetheless)

We’re now into the final week before E3, and at this stage, the rumour mill is likely going to go wild, so don’t feel compelled to believe everything you read online about the Wii 2. With that said, an alleged screenshot of a Metroid game on Project Café has surfaced. The screenshot is definitely fake, […]

‘Wii 2’ trending on Yahoo!

Wii 2 rumours must be getting quite popular, if what GoNintendo reader Juan found is any indication. Yesterday, the search phrase “wii 2” appeared on Yahoo!’s list of trending topics, and apparently stayed there for quite a while. It takes a lot for something to get into that list, so there must be a lot […]

Counting down to Nintendo’s E3 press conference

Shortly after Nintendo confirmed the exact date and time for their E3 press conference, at which they will be revealing the Wii’s successor, I decided to have a little fun and put together a countdown timer for it. It updates every time you refresh the page, and is set to stop at precisely 9:00 AM […]

Penny Arcade ridicules Wii 2 rumors in their latest comic

With all the crazy Wii 2 rumours flying around, it’s unavoidable that someone finally decided to publicly ridicule them. Feature after feature has been getting announced, from a touchscreen controller to a freakishly powerful GPU. Penny Arcade has done just this in one of their more recent comic strips, which I just happened across. To […]

Super Wii Cube Entertainment System 64!

Wertville, one of Wii 2 Blog’s regular readers, has created an attractive forum signature based on his personal idea of what the Wii 2 should be called.