Batman: Arkahm City has to adapt to the Wii U’s strengths

During an interview with NowGamer, Batman: Arkham City developer Dax Ginn said that he is perfectly fine with the current power of consoles, but that he also finds the Wii U very exciting. He says that, though the Wii U makes many advancements, not all of them match the game’s design perfectly.

The design of the console is really trying to do a lot of different things. I think the things that it’s trying to do, it’s going to be very good at. But it’s not one-to-one comparable to the things we’ve done with this game.

So without a doubt, we’re going to have to think about what that means, how the game is going to have to adapt in order to play to the strengths of the console.

Good news to see that Arkham City isn’t just being ported over. Aside from obvious graphical enhancements, I hope lots of thought goes into the controls; I’d love to see how such a well-rated game plays with the tablet-controller!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. crackkat

    awesome, im definately getting this for wii u, i hope its a launch title 🙂

    • kaioslive09

      it is

  2. GameCollector44

    First off…Arkahm City? 😛

    Second off, this game looks very nice, and while I have already pre-ordered the collectors edition for the Wii U, I would happily buy the Wii U version…should it have enough differences other than graphics. 😉

    • crackkat

      i think you made a mistake, u say you’ve already pre ordered the collectors edition for wii u? did u mean for ps3/xbox or did u actually mean wii u, cos the context implies that

    • GameCollector44

      Oh, my bad. xP I preordered the Collectors Edition for the PS3.

  3. javior pastore

    DONT FORGET wii remote plus and nunchuck uts time 3rd partys embrased that also… and combos of both…

    • crackkat

      good idea, that never crossed my mind but its true, motion plus really makes the wii remote something amazing!!

  4. dylon

    same it will be a nice lauch title i hope super smash bros 4 will be a lauch title too

  5. Captainhowdy

    I’m getting this for the Wii U. I hope this doesn’t have the online DRM, like the PS3/360.