Author: Wertville

The next Zelda game won’t take five years to produce

In the latest Skyward Sword-related Iwata Asks segment, our favorite President of Nintendo talked with Eiji Aonuma, the game’s producer; and Hidemaro Fujibayashi, its director. During the segment, Iwata pointed out that five years is a long time to develop a game and that it would be nice if they could do it in three. […]

The Wii U is luring the PlayStation 4 out early

According to what Jim Ryan, the boss of Sony of Europe, told Eurogamer TV at a recent PlayStation Vita press conference, the PlayStation 4 may be released a bit earlier than everyone expected. He states that, in relation to the Wii U 2012 launch and the rumored Xbox 2013 launch: I think we would consider […]

Killer Freaks from Outer Space was once ‘Killer Rabbids’ for Xbox 360/PS3

It takes a long time to make a game, so it’s not uncommon for a console launch to be full of games that were once in production for another system. It seems that Killer Freaks from Outer Space is one of those games, originally having been proposed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. More […]

Three mysterious patents for Wii Remote add-ons

It seems that Nintendo may have more planned for the Wii Remote than just a longer life span. A couple of weeks ago, three patents for Wii Remote add-ons were revealed to the public: two that expand on the infrared functionality of the controller, and one that changes its use altogether. The first patent, and […]

Wii can’t handle Bit.Trip Runner 2, could head to the Wii U

Bit.Trip Runner 2 was recently announced for Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. In an email to Nintendo World Report, Alex Neuse, developer at Gaijin Games, explained that the reason the game isn’t coming to WiiWare is because the game is getting an HD overhaul and “the Wii cannot handle the game.” He stated that […]

Batman: Arkahm City has to adapt to the Wii U’s strengths

During an interview with NowGamer, Batman: Arkham City developer Dax Ginn said that he is perfectly fine with the current power of consoles, but that he also finds the Wii U very exciting. He says that, though the Wii U makes many advancements, not all of them match the game’s design perfectly. The design of […]

Team Ninja plans to push the Wii U “as hard as it can”

A couple of weeks ago, Peter Garza, the head of localization at Tecmo Koei, told VG247 that the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden 3 wasn’t being developed alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, and that development had only just started. He stated that this was because Team Ninja wants to push the Wii […]

Pachter finds a successful Wii U launch ‘difficult to predict’

It seems that the infamous game industry analyst, Michael Pachter, is back. In a recent interview with IndustryGamers, Pacther expressed difficulty predicting that the Wii U would have a “hugely successful launch”. He said that the reason for his questioning is due to the difficulty of transitioning from this generation’s hardware to the next generation’s, […]

EA still loves the Wii U

Peter Moore, EA’s COO, recently commented on the Wii U speaking to Reuters. Nothing substantial was revealed, but he did state that everything was still going smoothly and that they plan to bring all of their key franchises to the system. It’s good to know that a big company like EA is so committed to […]

Next Dead Space game to be released for an ‘unannounced’ console

Two months ago we found out that EA had a job listing up for a new game in the Dead Space franchise. What we didn’t hear about back then was which console the game would appear on. Now, thanks to a job request on, we know that the game will be released on the […]