BBC are interested in Wii U development

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) are interested in developing for the Wii U. Executive producer of BBC Digital and Games, Simon Harris explained that they were looking into possibly bringing content to the platform.

“I think the challenge is for us to get [our brands as] games into something like retail, [We’re] very excited to hear what their plans are in that area and yes we’ll be looking at whether there are really good strategic partnerships on our brands that we can bring to those platforms as well. Nintendo are currently a market leader on consoles so when they do something new you’d better sit up and take notice and try to see if we can become involved in it.”


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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. F0

    Wait…the BBC makes games? Wow – I never knew that.

  2. Archie96

    Hopefully this will mean BBC iPlayer straight away for us Brits!

  3. Joseph

    Wait… what! BBC makes games?

    • Ruthie

      They made those two Doctor Who games last year, one for DS other for Wii.

  4. Daimyo Nintendo

    Feld0 just want to say thanks to you and your crew for this site. For Wii U hype news other than IGN this site is great. During the 2004-2006 I had always gone to for all the Revolution and Wii hype but they post so much crap it got annoying to visit. But is great for posting all the Wii U tidbits not found on IGN, keep it up.

  5. Staryoshix

    BBC? Big Black Co—- never mind lol, its good to see the wii u is getting a ton of support. cant wait to get mine 😀

  6. AMAC

    I didn’t know that BBC made games. I’d rather have an iPlayer app than any BBC games. I use the Wii app quite a lot.

  7. Josiah

    DR. WHO THE GAME!!!!!!

    • Josiah

      I didn’t know that there where dr who games already besides mazes of time on the app store COOL And my uncle was wrong for all you people who know everyone in the video game world he is Michael thommason He has the biggest video games collection in the world and has even met ralph Baer! He said that he didn’t wxpect much from the wii u But I think it sounds pretty cool