Braid creator hears Wii U “has a lot more RAM” than Xbox 360/PS3

Braid Screenshot

Jonathan Blow, creator of the critically acclaimed indie hit Braid, is currently working on a PC game called The Witness. It won’t be coming to any of the current consoles because…

…their specifications are over five years old now, and that’s a lot in computer years. The kind of tricks we’d have to perform to get this game working on those platforms are such a lot of work that to port it over at this point is just not worth it for us.

When asked about what he wanted from the next generation of home consoles, he replied with a simple wish for more RAM (which sounds eerily close to a similar comment we heard from High Voltage Software way back in March). He wishes that generation would start sooner because he was told that the Wii U “has a lot more RAM” compared to the Xbox 360’s and PlayStation 3’s paltry 512 MB.

That doesn’t mean we’ll end up getting The Witness U, though, as Blow is concerned that the Wii U may not fare well against the iPad. Still, hearing that the Wii U is packed with RAM sounds like Nintendo have really been listening to what developers want.

Now then, where’s our earth-shattering list of Wii U-exclusive titles?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Guest

    Jonathan Blow’s credibility was blown to pieces the instant he mentioned the iPad.

    For your consideration: the iPad 1 has 256MB of RAM, while the iPad 2 has 512MB, just like PS360. So according to his own comment, the iPad 2 hasn’t enough RAM, while the WiiU has. But why the hell is he spewing nonsense about the WiiU probably not faring well against the iPad? And don’t say “because of the apps”.

  2. ASAP...

    ERM IPAD 1/2 IPHONE 1/2/3/4 ETC have ram for OS not games this is again a dumb pro pc anti console anti nintendo idiot comment ipad 2 has around 20mb reserved for gaming apps not 512mb…. comparing a high powered console to a over sized smart phone with no phone HHMMMMmmmmm!!!!!!

  3. Jmaster720

    sorry dude but this is OLD news 😛

    • F0

      It’s 3 days. You’re making it sound like I dragged Julius Caesar out of his grave. 😛

      Not that 3 days is good – I admit that I was a bit slow with this one. But I’m a full-time student and I’m working really hard to get a new site ready for launch, so I’ve kinda had my hands full.

  4. lemonlime

    I hate it when people compare the Wii U and the ipad-it’s a comparison that doesn’t make sense! The Wii U is a home console with controller that’s /kinda/ shaped like an ipad, and has a touchscreen, but could have looked like anything (and, for one, has /actual buttons/). What especially annoys me is that if it had not been shaped like a square, nobody would have compared them.

    • Lene

      It’s not shaped like an Ipad, it is shaped like a tablet.
      But agree on all the other things you said.

  5. tom

    games controller with touchscreen a ipad it is not