Brilliant post on NeoGAF about the advantages of a personal touchscreen

The user Retro over at NeoGAF made a great post yesterday which I think is worth every Wii 2 Blog reader’s time. It’s a lengthy but incredibly well thought-out piece that aims to convince any last skeptics of the advancements a touchscreen controller could bring to the gaming table. The obvious uses like privacy in multiplayer games and an off-screen HUD are present, but Retro went much further than just that and listed off a mind-numbing variety of other possible applications it could be useful in.

I’m not going to go any further, because this work of speculative art deserves to be seen in its natural habitat, so click on over to the original post and have a read.

Special thanks to Guest finding Retro’s post and letting me know about it!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Tralarris

    That’s just AWESHUM!!!!

  2. Seems like a guy could just sit down one afternoon and come up with these…. how about having the controller be like the PlayBoy in Fallout 3 (if that’s what it was called…. memory isn’t clear)? Or the rear/side view mirrors in racing games….. Or how about in an FPS when you shoot a rocket it’ll show the rocket on the bottom screen but you’re not totally defenseless because you can see it all on the big screen.

  3. Wertville

    Most of those uses were already obvious to me… But now this should eradicate all doubt of any non-believer 😛

  4. Bob


    Is it completely un-thinkable that this so call controller with a ‘screen’ could actually in fact be a headset where you move your head to control your vision, and move your character around using a connecting control pad?

    This seems way out… but based on the rumor’s about the controller, could it have been one of those things we’ll look back at when it’s announced and realise that 1+1 = 2 and that basically what people had been saying with the screen controller was in fact this headset?

    Your Thought please…

    • Wertville

      Unlikely. The rumors state that it’s a touchscreen. Unless you’re playing a Wario Ware game that require Eye-scratching, what would be the point?

      Plus, IIRC, IGN claims that it’s like a gamecube controller with a screen in the middle.

  5. big bad gamer

    i only want this if stylus /thumb nub is supported i want gaming mouse so i can choose between wii remote and touch screen there’s no way in hell im going back to second analog stick yes support it but don’t build to it its out dated and dumb…

    there’s nothing core gamer about it im sick of hearing how core it is wen it clearly isn’t MOUSE is core and DS offers a touch screen mouse and wii a pointer mouse i want wii 2 to offer both choices.

    i want mic and speaker support also for chat and sound feed back speaker in wiimote SOOOOO under used if i can hold pad/tablet with one hand and tactile mouse touch screen with the other at the same time IM SOLD