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Wii U gamepad battery life information

  This information comes from a NEOGaf member, -Gamepad’s battery life is 3-5 hours -2 hours and 30 minutes to charge -depends on the brightness of the screen -you can use gamepad while charging Well, it’s about the same as a Nintendo 3DS, but at least with a home console, playing on the go won’t […]

Are Nintendo developing a Wii U game no one expects?

According to a NeoGAF user called “Shikamaru Ninja”, one of the first-party games being in development for Wii U might be something we didn’t think of yet. He claims it’s something that has already been mentioned in speculative discussions, and further emphasizes it’s “[not] Mario or Zelda or Pokemon related”, while assuming it probably won’t sell […]

Further evidence that the Wii U supports two tablet controllers?

We still haven’t heard word from Nintendo on exactly how many tablet controllers the Wii U supports simultaneously, but a NeoGAF poster claiming to be in the know has stated that “documents [Nintendo of Europe]’s representatives and distributors got … last August” confirmed that the Wii U does indeed support two of them at once. […]

Ubisoft working on a Wii U card game?

Another Ubisoft employee’s LinkedIn profile, this time belonging to a level designer by the name of Damien Bernard, has revealed a new, unannounced Wii U title. Tying into that, a NeoGAF poster who claims to have been in contact with the developer was allegedly told that the game was “adapted to the card game/board game format.” That’s […]

Nintendo may be on its fourth or fifth Wii U dev kit

It could be that Nintendo are on their fourth or fifth Wii U development kit. A member over at NeoGAF has uncovered a document on a Singaporean government site that suggests just this. The Wii U’s release date is steadily approaching, though no exact date has been revealed. All we know it will launch sometime after April 2012.

Brilliant post on NeoGAF about the advantages of a personal touchscreen

The user Retro over at NeoGAF made a great post yesterday which I think is worth every Wii 2 Blog reader’s time. It’s a lengthy but incredibly well thought-out piece that aims to convince any last skeptics of the advancements a touchscreen controller could bring to the gaming table. The obvious uses like privacy in […]