Capcom effectively confirms their support for Project Café

Capcom LogoCapcom is one company that has traditionally been very supportive of Nintendo’s platforms in the past, and I expect no different for the Wii’s successor. A quote from an interview with IGN all but confirms they’re working on something.

We’re a multiplatform publisher, and I think anytime we have new hardware coming to the market that can be a canvas that our creators can create on and help them execute their visions, we’re supportive of that. There’s more news to come on that front in the future.

There was a rumour going around earlier that Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition may feature connectivity with Project Café. Maybe we’ll see this connectivity come to light at E3?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. I’m not sure to be honest. From the title, I kinda expected them to actually outright reference the Wii successor/Project Cafe, yet the statement is vague enough that you could take it in so many different ways.

    Dunno, just seems like you’re making a big deal of what’s simple a generic/stock response by the company.