Could ‘Project Café’ be the Wii 2’s real codename?

Wario with his gold

What are you hiding from us, Wario?

You may or may not be familiar with Wario World, the site which third-party developers go to for Wii, DS, and 3DS dev kits and such. GoNintendo reader KingBroly found a curious little anomaly on the site suggesting that the rumoured Project Café codename may actually be the real deal.

Try visiting It redirects you back to the homepage. Nothing special, right? Wait.

Typing just about anything other than “cafe” will produce a 404 error on the site, but it’s very curious that “cafe” specifically doesn’t. There is nothing on the site pertaining to the Wii’s successor yet, but this suggests that there soon will be…

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. SonofMrPeanut

    I think it would be funny if Nintendo just cancelled whatever codename they were thinking of before and adopted Project Cafe because it’s such a popular one.

    Whatever the case, it’s safe to assume that’s what they’re calling it now.

  2. Arnar

    I think it’s just for devs to get devkits for the Cafe, since it’s the projects codename. Like Revolution was for Wii. It’s just a temp name I think, for the devs to refer to. Real name coming later.

    • SonofMrPeanut

      Nobody said they were going to call it the Nintendo Cafe.

    • Arnar

      Ah yes, misread it there. My fault 🙂

  3. kristian

    Typing in N64 works XD

  4. rumors just got 9000% more accurate