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Wario World turns up two more Project Café images

Nintendo’s servers must be getting hit with a whole ton of 404’s right now as people madly try all kinds of combinations in their attempts to squeeze more and more images out of Wario World. These two are the latest to be found. The two images are identical, with the exception of one having a […]

Further confirmation of the Project Café codename

After that earlier find on Wario World, Manukineko from GoNintendo dug up the above image that more or less confirms that Project Café is the real codename of the Wii’s successor. It can be found at: https://www.warioworld.com/images/cafe/cafe_header.jpg So I guess that’s it. Café really must be the new console’s codename, unless someone at Nintendo decided to […]

Could ‘Project Café’ be the Wii 2’s real codename?

A curious anomaly on Wario World suggests that Project Café may actually really be the Wii successor’s codename.