Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to the Wii U with improved boss fights

deus ex

As previously rumoured, a director’s cut of the popular game Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be making its way to the Wii U. Square Enix announced the the Wii U version will allow players to hack into computers using the touchscreen and make notes. The game will also feature deep Miiverse interaction. Eidos Montreal also promised improved boss battles.

The boss fights are now as they should have been. We took them and completely rebuilt them. We couldn’t change [the boss’ character] model and the way they need to die because of the story telling, but we changed the level layout. We tweaked their AI and we’ve added tons of ways to deal with them.You can deal with a boss fight in a stealth way, you can deal with a boss fight in a hacking way. We even have for each boss fight a way to kill them without firing a single bullet.


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  1. freakyninja

    i want this game my friend had this on the 360 and said it was a good game, im getting it ^^

  2. Frank

    this site is pretty dead isn’t it… a shame… i read this site daily… but now i’m back from 5 months travel i see not one update since may… no plans to continue??

  3. The Graveyard Smash

    RIP Wii U Go.

    I came back to this website on May 27th 2014 @ 7:59:35 MDT and still find it abandoned… 🙁