EA job listing points to a new ‘Dead Space’ game

Could Dead Space 3 be coming to the Wii U?

EA have recently posted job listings on their website in search of a senior art director and audio director to work on the ‘Dead Space’ franchise. The listing goes as follows.

“This is a major opportunity to greatly contribute to an exciting unique franchise. The ideal candidate will have a passion for video games, with an overwhelming drive to create a world class gaming experience for a AAA franchise.”

There is no mention of which platforms the game will be coming to, but the Wii U is just as likely to be one of them as it’s not. The Dead Space franchise is no stranger to Nintendo platforms and EA have been showering the Wii U and its new controller with positive comments. They even appeared on stage during Nintendo’s press conference at E3 2011.

I guess we will have to wait for official confirmation of a new ‘Dead Space’ game to find out. Would you like to see a Dead Space game come to the Wii U?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Richard Collins

    Most likely EA are planning a spiritual sucessor to the brilliant Wii on-rails game Dead Space: Extraction, which was a Critical smash hit and has finally got recognition. “Dead Space: Redemption”? “Dead Space: Extinction”?

    I think Dead Space 3 is going to begin development soon as well and it will also make an appearence on Wii U sometime in the future(as It will be a cross-platform release), but I believe this Job Listing is for the exclusive Wii U sequel to the brilliant spin-off.

    I love the title “Redemption”. Perhaps it will follow the events surrounding what occured to Lexine after the end of “Dead Space 2: Severed”.