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Rumour: Overstrike, Dead Space, and Timesplitters coming to the Wii U

I’m quite sceptical of this piece of news, as I am with all rumours, and I would advise you to take this one with a pinch of salt. But it is still worth mentioning. According to’s sources, a Dead Space game will be making its way to the Wii U. The source is apparently a concept artist for a game […]

Next Dead Space game to be released for an ‘unannounced’ console

Two months ago we found out that EA had a job listing up for a new game in the Dead Space franchise. What we didn’t hear about back then was which console the game would appear on. Now, thanks to a job request on, we know that the game will be released on the […]

EA job listing points to a new ‘Dead Space’ game

EA have recently posted job listings on their website in search of a senior art director and audio director to work on the ‘Dead Space’ franchise. The listing goes as follows. “This is a major opportunity to greatly contribute to an exciting unique franchise. The ideal candidate will have a passion for video games, with […]