[Video] Fan-made Zelda Wii U trailer

Since the Legend of Zelda demo running on the Wii U was shown at E3, we’ve been hungry for Zelda HD. However, we are probably in for a long wait before we can get our hands on it. One fan has decided to make the wait slightly more bearable by creating a Zelda Wii U trailer for the fictional game, The Legend of Zelda The Lost Oracle. See below and post your thoughts.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. DigitalGreenTea

    I would rather see a Zelda gane with such graphics to be honest. But that’s just opinion. But you can’t deny that this looks phenomenal for a fan trailer.

    • Adr990

      @ DigitalGreenTea,

      Agreed. I would also like to see a Zelda on a console that looks like Wind Waker.

      But I’m really already hoping for a Wind Waker 2 ever since I’ve played it on the Cube. 😛

  2. igame2012

    i like the cell shaded style but it would be awesome to see a new style zelda more on the realistic side

  3. Jenetty72

    The trailer is very well made.I still hate the Wind Waker’s style though.This bug-eyed version of Link cannot be unseen.

  4. Oh, man, that’s awesome! Still want me something closer to what we saw at E3, but this is awesome, too! Hey, why not bring something like this to the Nintendo 3DS instead? You’d even get to use full 3D exploration of those kinds 2D-ish levels, thanks to its 3D sense of depth. And imagine seeing that last scene in 3D!

    On this note of awesome fan-made Zelda videos, check this one out, too. This guy made this video a short while back using a free program called Blender (which I myself also use), and he took advantage of its newly-implemented motion-tracking features (think “augmented reality”). I was thinking, “What if we saw some augmented reality-usage like this for one of the Zelda games coming on the Wii U or the 3DS?”

    • Oops, I meant “camera-tracking features”! I’ve been spending way too much time with both the 3D animation world and the gaming world, that they’re starting to blur together with me! Hahaha!