Gaijin Games are looking forward to the Wii U

Mike Roush, Gaijin Games

When asked what games he was looking forward to, Mike Roush of Gaijin Games stated that:

I am REALLY looking forward to any Nintendo release on the Wii U. I really hope they launch with a Mario title.

Gaijin Games have a Wii U dev kit and are likely to bring Bit.Trip Runner2 to the system. That they’re going to make games for the Wii U is a given, but hearing that they’re feverishly excited for it certainly can’t hurt.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. I’ll take this! 😀

    I’m really glad support and enthusiasm for the Wii U seems to be really starting to pick up, both from indie developers and major developers. And I’m especially glad that there are indie developers receiving dev kits for Wii U–that not only tells me that Nintendo is opening their doors more to indie developers, but that we’re more likely to have some indie titles to greet us at the launch of Wii U, which is great!

    I’d love it if we saw a decent number of major launch titles in stores and a flood of indie titles on Wii U’s store service. We’ll have something fun to play while more indie and major developers finish developing their games for the 2013 season.

    I see a possible synergy emerging in coming times between indie and major developers, and “mindies” (major indie developers). I hope major developers start to take advantage of indie games as something that’ll allow them time to focus on delivering quality major titles and stop producing shovelware just to feed the market, and I hope indie developers really take advantage of the Wii U in some most interesting ways.