Grand Theft Auto V not coming to Wii 2 after all?

Grand Theft Auto logoAn earlier rumour of Grand Theft Auto V set to make an appearance as a Wii 2 launch title (naturally) caused much stirring in the gaming community. It seems that rumour took a real punch now, as Games.On.Net has been contacted by its original source, 01net, and made aware of a glaring error: nothing was ever mentioned about GTA 5 – 01net only meant to say that Rockstar had their hands on a development kit. Here is the full letter from 01net:

We did publish a story on Monday about Rockstar, but to say that the British studio already have a devkit. Nothing more. We have absolutely no idea about whether or not a GTA V is planned on Wii 2, nor if Rockstar is willing to have a launch title.

Our details about the NGP specs and then the Wii 2 “project Café” console are serious and we try not to be engaged with unserious rumors.

This doesn’t mean that Grand Theft Auto V isn’t coming to the Wii 2, or that it won’t be a launch title, but it definitely moves the possibility from “could actually happen” back to “wishful thinking.” For now, though, consider the rumour debunked.

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  1. Guest

    Did some1 notice that part where said that their “details about the NGP specs and then the Wii 2 “project Café” console are serious” ?

    Let’s hope their Wii 2-sources are as good as the NGP ones. But it will be a shame if there isn’t a GTA V at the launch because it could affect the sales strongly. Well, this means there will be more consoles available for us Ninty fans =P