Nintendo supposedly “in talks” with Rockstar Games

Carrying on from the tempting rumour of Pikmin 3 being moved to the Wii 2, the same writer from Gameolosophy also claimed that Nintendo has been trying to woo Rockstar Games with the new system in an attempt to get them to support it with some of their major franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

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Rockstar’s games – and the Grand Theft Auto series in particular – tend to be very popular with post-teen gamers because of their unashamed edginess and open-ended gameplay. If Nintendo really is trying to appeal to the “hardcore” first and foremost, as previous rumours suggested, getting Rockstar on board will really help them reclaim the throne the GameCube lost to the PlayStation 2.

I think that Nintendo has a good chance at winning Rockstar over. Rockstar took it upon themselves to make the daringly original Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS, capitalizing greatly on the system’s touchscreen for all kinds of fun little touches and extras, which tells me they don’t really have anything against Nintendo. I would love to see them repeat the feat with whatever the Wii 2’s selling-point gimmick turns out to be.

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