IGN: Wii 2 – Why Nintendo need it…and why they don’t.

Nintendo Wii Successor

I was going to write an article like this myself, but Patrick Kolan over at IGN Australia beat me to it. Essentially, it’s a rather lengthy feature that brings up several key arguments that both support and oppose the idea of Nintendo launching the Wii’s successor in the near future. Here’s a list of their points, if you don’t feel like reading the full article.

Supporting Arguments

  • Dated hardware
  • More direct competitors
  • Third-party pressure
  • Nintendo favours half-steps
  • Nintendo decides when the next generation starts

Opposing Arguments

  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Wii is still selling well
  • Market may not be ready yet
  • Nintendo R&D may not be ready yet
  • No Wii price drop…yet

The full article leaves off with an estimated late 2012 release date, taking all of these points into account. It’s a good read, and I definitely recommend it.

A little note to readers: when I link to articles from other sites, do you prefer a short, listed summary of it like this one; or what practically amounts to a rewrite, like the wishlist from some time ago, or the 411mania piece? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. wiiboy101

    1.5 million units sold DS and Wii black friday week nintendo domination continues sony and microsoft hide console numbers and report on shipped kinect and move AS SOLD liars both of them there gathering dust on stote shelfs shipped not sold just like last year ps3 slim had a slight up turn then wii broke all christmas records,this year x360 slight up turn and again followed by big nintendo christmas exactly what i said would happen wii maintains a global overall sales lead x360 above wii in usa is meaningless its dead in europe and japan and only a short lived up turn like ps3 last year DS destroys psp and makes iphone hype look dumb,the industrie continues to lie to us

  2. Wolvesgod

    On your last post question: make things, too long and you might loose some readers, but if you don’t put enough you might loose a lot of key points.

    but on topic, that’s true, Nintendo will have the gun at the competitors head. and just like a lot of people say, they will need to play catch-up. they had for motion control they will need to, again when Nintendo releases their new console.

  3. Roy

    If you link to other sites instead of rewriting their article it will be better. Especially if the other sites are smaller, it will mean they get more traffic,

  4. Scientist

    I think all those “new generation” consoles companies keep making are, simply put, improved versions of the originals. They’ve been fixing the glitches and bugs, and adding new features to the existing ones.
    If they were truly innovating, they would’ve made different consoles (with actually different names). Of course, they would then have to replace some of the original consoles’ features.

    As for the question… a summary and a link are better than remaking an entire article. You could always add your own points and arguments below the summary – or inside it, within brackets.

  5. Josh

    I think there is going to be a wii2!!