Is Retro’s secret project Eternal Darkness 2?

Eternal Darkness screenshotIt was given away just yesterday that Retro Studios was one of the first developers to receive a Wii 2 development kit, and that they have been working on a game for it “that everyone wants” ever since. Naturally, speculation began to pour out about what it could possibly be – some of the more popular guesses at the forums included F-Zero and Star Fox. But according to Zelda Informer, we may be in for something a little more…let’s say, low-key. The news comes from – get ready for this – an anonymous person that works for “a very large gaming studio” and who has a friend or two at Retro. Sure…let’s go with that.

But wait! There’s some real evidence that suddenly makes this rumour seem that much more plausible. Last year, Nintendo renewed the trademark for Eternal Darkness, which would make a lot of sense if they were planning a sequel to it. And Retro Studios have proven themselves with a string of hit after hit that they can handle pretty much any game development challenge that Nintendo throws at them.

I’m not sure if Eternal Darkness qualifies as something that “everyone wants,” as Retro was said to have put it, seeing as I’m completely unfamiliar with it. But fan love for the game does appear to be very strong, and Nintendo’s recently started a trend of re-introducing their less-known franchises to new audiences with projects like Kid Icarus: Uprising, PilotWings Resort, and the revitalization of the Excite! series.

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