Is the Wii U next gen? Not really.

According to Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil Creator, Michel Ancel the Wii U isn’t quite a “next gen” console even though he admits that it is innovative and a next generation console in some respects.

When VideoGamer asked him whether he thought the Wii U was a next gen console he simply answered. “Not really. I think Wii U is next-gen in terms of interface.”

He was also asked whether he thought Sony or Microsoft might implement similar ideas to Nintendo’s when creating their next console. “I think people are going to copy it, because you’ve got this mix between tablet, touch screen and big screen – big screen and little screen – there are a lot of possibilities. I don’t know if Sony will do it, or Microsoft – but yes, I think it’s a possibility. But I think the main thing is to have this – offering new ways to play is very interesting.” He said.

Ancel’s opinions about the Wii U does bring about some important points, as so far the Wii U is being compared to the PS3 and 360 but how will it compare to their successors?


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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. day game dreamer

    who desides next gen ITS CONTROLLER ALONE MAKES IT NEXT GEN its all round controllers makes it next gen ,not just its horse power..

    wii was clearly a bigger step forward than ps3 and x360 the power alone inproves makes it next gen i think not dualshock is next nothing..

    i love how these people just dont get it at all

    x360 1.5 anti nintendo has started just as i predicted it wipes the floor with ps3 x360 its abillitys are unmatched

    ps4 new gpu and cpu shipped with a dualshock zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • ElektroDog

      so the wii wasnt hd…… well neither is my television! and the same goes for many folks i know,so i think the decision to wait by ninty was correct before going that way before the wii u. how this piece of hardware cant be seen as next gen beggers belief! its quite clearly unlike anything else thus by defualt making it so surly? i have loved every console by nintendo previous and i expect nothing less this time around either. sure the whole wii-mote idea was a bit out there to begin with but now its like second nature! (and no more nintendo thumb to boot! lol) so the screen albeit “öut there” for now is exactly how nintendo envisige things to come and no doubt they will be correct.
      as far as sony and microsoft go……. never!
      i bought a dreamcast second hand after sega had been “pushed” out of the market by playstation especially and xbox somewhat (the xbox was basically a dreamcast in my opinion!) just so i could wait for the gamecube to arrive! this was seen as a flop and yet it was graphically better than both of the competition- fact!
      nintendo supports families and togetherness through the games it publiishes where as the others cater to the spotty awkward teens locked away in thier anti social pit of a bedroom. hardcore gamers they are labelled but thats because they have nothing else to do but play games surly!? lol and besides there was nothing casual about the 70 hours it took me to complete twilight princess i assure you!!

      so nintendo keep doing what you do because i for one will embrace what you do eagerly!

  2. Jmaster720

    I knew the graphics were going to be compared to current gen consoles 😛
    Well seems like nintendo is going to get left behind in the graphics department AGAIN!!!!!

    Still Gameplay over graphics is my moto

  3. Epic Kirby

    Just give up Nintendo, they will never consider you guys the best. Just carry on doing what you do best. The Wii wasn’t considered next gen and look what a success that was.

    • Jmaster720

      True very true man

  4. day game dreamer

    this is the guy describing the cpu as a multi core broadway rather than a power 7

    this is xbot/pszombie SUCKING UP

  5. day game dreamer

    if it was around ps3 theres no point to it just do a HD wii sell it cheap theres clearly a gen leap power wise as well as inovation i dont see this console being any less than ps3 and x360 conbined

  6. Mariomaster1

    I consider it to be next gen, and a pretty awesome piece of technology altogether! I could care less what others have to say against it, because that’s just how I am. As long as people will like it and enjoy the great games for it, then that’s all that matters. Nintendo isn’t as out for the money as some companies and they aren’t afraid to address their short comings personally, so as long as their fans enjoy it they’ll happily say- Mission Accomplished!

  7. LOL AT 1.5

    .5 1.5 were have we seen this before and how was it used to troll wii cough @ .5

    its clear this is a trolling rumor a 4890 type gpu with edram in a console would be 4x x360 not .5 its clear the gamecube 1.5 anti wii myth is now a x360 1.5 anti wiiu myth

    funny its always .5 with these people wii was a GC 2.5 @= 480p max giving a good boost in power.

    a pc running a 4850 is more than .5 better than ps3 x360 so a super efficent console running custom version ati 48 gpu is clearly above ps3 and x360 conbined easy


    ps3 550mhz x360 500mhz 4850 625ish mhz 4890 900plus mhz
    it could be around 750/800mhz making it .5 higher clock but 4x the gpu

  8. Jikayaki

    Every early rumor of Wii U’s hardware placed it at four to six times the power of Xbox 360 and the IBM “Watson” statement with the current rumor of either a 4730, 4850, 4860, and 4870 equivalent GPU basically continue that trend. Compared to the advancement from Xbox and PS2 to Xbox 360 and PS3 its a half gen increase over current consoles, but it may not end up being much weaker than its competition. Xbox 360 and PS3 are anomalies in this industry using newer technology than was ever used before drastically increasing the cost likely to try and push Nintendo out of the market like what happened to Sega last generation. The problem with obtaining the 10 times more powerful jump in processing power is that would end up with over 200 watt devices twice the size and considerably more expensive than the Xbox 360 and PS3 where at first. Both Xbox next and PS3 may have more processing power put as long as Wii U is at least four times as powerful than Xbox 360 the difference may not be as pronounced as many including developers currently think.

  9. wiiu play

    its ether a anti nintendo dumb shit remark or its the gpu clockspeed has there brains screwed up…

    1.5 smells of wiiu hate/troll to me taking the wii 1.5 troll and handing the batton on to the next gen

    kiddy remarks will be next or it dont play dvds its not a real console

    wii controls are being wiiu trolled ubisoft and many other 3rd partys including ubisoft refered to wii as casual and dualshock as CORE FPS

    any person on earth with non retard going on in there brain knows fps core=mouse=wii remote =touchscreen

    software gimped twin stick IS NOT CORE FPS there trolling wii/wiiu insted of embrasing its controls DUMB SHIT GAMES INDUSTRY SELLING DUMB TO THE COOLADE DUMB DRINKERS..

  10. I’m sorry, but I don’t trust the judgment of anyone who works for Ubisoft.