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[Video] Rayman Legends gameplay

Rayman Legends, which has already been leaked last month, was properly revealed at Ubisoft’s E3 conference. Legends will feature a new character controlled by the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen, Murphy, and will support up to 5 players simultaneously. Furthermore, it will be released exclusively for Wii U. Check out a gameplay video below; for those […]

Rayman video does not represent final console form

The Rayman Legends video that was leaked yesterday has been causing quite a stir. The video showed a trailing wire coming from the back of the controller and had some media outlets suggesting that maybe Nintendo were struggling with streaming video from the console to the controller. Ubisoft have now issued a statement explaining that […]

[Updated] Rayman Origins sequel coming to the Wii U?

UPDATE: Gamekult.com have managed to get hold of a video of Rayman Legends Wii U and it shows multiplayer functionality on the Wii U controller. Check it out below.

Is the Wii U next gen? Not really.

According to Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil Creator, Michel Ancel the Wii U isn’t quite a “next gen” console even though he admits that it is innovative and a next generation console in some respects. When VideoGamer asked him whether he thought the Wii U was a next gen console he simply answered. “Not really. I […]