Katsuya Eguchi talks Metroid Wii U

SamusIn an interview with Kotaku, Katsuya Eguchi more or less confirmed that a Metroid game was in the cards for the Wii U. He didn’t say anytthing about whether it was in development or not at this time, but did talk a bit about how a Metroid title could take advantage of the Wii U’s tablet controller.

I can’t give you any details now, but I’m sure there will be a new Metroid release making use of the new controller, not just to control Samus and her ship but also to give the player a new source of information. Maybe the player is looking at the screen but has the information that they need to defeat the enemy in their hands.

You could look through the screen and scan your enemy and find where its weakspot is.

From the sound of it, it seems very likely to me that something is indeed in the works, especially considering that Nintendo has been absolutely mum about their first-party support for their new console. Let’s hope we hear more soon.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Someone

    I’m sure if they’ve gone as far as to think of ideas, they would have confirmed they were going to make this. I hope they are! Aside from being a major fan of all Metroid games, I would want this because a Metroid with either good graphics, a good length, or both would be the best Metroid (if they don’t make it like the Other M). I think (i.e. in my opinion) they should disown the storyline of Other M, since in my opinion, Samus doesn’t go very well with a personality; I think it’s best to leave what she’s like and her emotions a mystery. It would be really nice if they went back to the 2D way, but in 2.5D (or a separate mode for both 2.5D and 3D, kind of like how Sega did Sonic Generations).

  2. Mariomaster1

    Using the Wii U Tablet as a method of scanning various objects and creatures located on the screen in real life is pretty clever……practically making you feel like you’re in the game just that much more. I’m looking forward to a Metroid Game like that; it would be really fun that’s for sure.