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A (fake) screenshot of Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U?

We’re a mere 15 hours away from Nintendo’s press conference, and the above, purportedly leaked image of Metroid Prime 4 running on the Wii U has popped up on NeoGAF. Fake or not? I’m leaning towards fake, personally – it looks like a slightly modified version of the Metroid Prime Trilogy start screen, and the […]

Rumours: Metroid in development for Wii U and more

These rumours from the source website Nintendotown was posted a few months ago but it’s still worth a mention now. Firstly, a new Metroid game is in the works for the Wii U and is being built using Unreal Engine 3. Futhermore, a tech demo of Metroid Wii U was shown. This rumour does have […]

Katsuya Eguchi talks Metroid Wii U

In an interview with Kotaku, Katsuya Eguchi more or less confirmed that a Metroid game was in the cards for the Wii U. He didn’t say anytthing about whether it was in development or not at this time, but did talk a bit about how a Metroid title could take advantage of the Wii U’s […]

A Metroid screenshot (faked, but awesome nonetheless)

We’re now into the final week before E3, and at this stage, the rumour mill is likely going to go wild, so don’t feel compelled to believe everything you read online about the Wii 2. With that said, an alleged screenshot of a Metroid game on Project Café has surfaced. The screenshot is definitely fake, […]