Kawata would love to put Resident Evil on the Wii U

Will Resident Evil be coming to the Wii U?

While speaking to CVG, Masachika Kawata, mentioned that he would “love” to make a Resident Evil game for the Wii U. However, no decision has been made yet but he was excited about the new opportunities that the console gives.

While stressing that no actual decision has been made he did have this to say. “I’d love to do just that. It’s a very, very interesting piece of hardware. Whenever I see new game machines and their new possibilities get into my head, the ideas just start flowing. I’d absolutely love to make a Resident Evil on it. I really love the idea of being able to play the game even if my wife or my kids come and steal the TV. That’s great, brilliant.”

Kenji Matsuura, the designer of Resident Evil: Raccoon City added, “”As a game designer, when I see Wii U, my first thoughts are: ‘Oh wow, I could do this or that, or what would happen if I try to make a game like X,Y or Z.’ My motivation instantly goes through the roof and I want to try a lot of interesting new things. Nothing’s been decided specifically for Resident Evil but it certainly would be interesting.”

Though this is no definite confirmation of Resident Evil Wii U it’s good to see more development teams thinking of what they could do with Nintendo’s next home console.

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  1. Good news and bad news

    I’ll be first in line if this happens.

  2. Oldergamer

    I’ll be second.