Killer Freaks from Outer Space was once ‘Killer Rabbids’ for Xbox 360/PS3

It takes a long time to make a game, so it’s not uncommon for a console launch to be full of games that were once in production for another system. It seems that Killer Freaks from Outer Space is one of those games, originally having been proposed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

More surprisingly, however, is that the game was also designed as an installment in the Raving Rabbids franchise, entitled ‘Killer Rabbids‘. Apparently, the franchise didn’t fit into their target audience, so they removed the obvious traces of Rabbids from the game, though the imprint of the original design still remains. The only question is… was this change made back in the game’s PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days, or does Ubisoft see a mature audience in the Wii U’s future?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Captainhowdy

    Interesting. This is the one I really want for the Wii U. It looked good when they showed it at E3. I think next year, it may surprise a lot of people.

  2. Sebastian Lundh

    “More surprisingly, however, is that the game was also designed as an installment in the Raving Rabbids franchise,[…]”
    Well, I wouldn’t say “surprisingly”. 😛 I rememeber seeing the trailer, and thinking that those aliens look like a bunch of raving rabbids.^_^

  3. Lene

    “or does Ubisoft see a mature audience in the Wii U’s future?”

    The U audience will be mature anyway, it can’t be anything but mature compared to Sony fanboys and pro-MS.

  4. Hylianhero64

    Isn’t this the only Wii U exclusive we’ve seen footage of? This is the only game I’ve seen that I’m excited for… (Yes, I know there’s Pikmin 3, but we haven’t seen anything about it yet) I hope something comes out of that Sonic Dimensions rumor…

    • THE I

      Well, I guess maybe New Super Mario Bros Mii, Mii Chase and the other demos would be some more exclusives. However, 3rd party wise, you’re right.

  5. zxride64

    No wonder those things look like rabbids, I think Rabbid haters will enjoy this quite a bit.

  6. FL767

    Give me a “Killer Rabbids” mode and i may actually buy this xD

  7. tittat

    it was a part of the rabbids franchize YA DONT SAY LOL @ UBISHIT thinking they needed to point out the obvious rabbids re-branded as rabbids

    kinda like prince of pursure rebranded as asassins creed , i hope you already new that

    ubishit please go bust !!!!!

  8. tittat

    rabbids make us kiddys alians make us mature ,i dont see how that works there the exact same type of enemy/charactor just re-painted to fool hardly-cores

  9. crackkat

    looks awesome to me, i really want to try the new control scheme 😀

  10. Jenetty72

    Well,that explains the similarities the monsters had with the Rabbids themselves.They looked like evil versions of Rabbids at E3 ’11 anyway.

  11. Allen

    I too thought this was erriely similar to raving rabbids . In part that’s why I like this game… sounds fun!

  12. I liked this game when they showed it off at e3, so I hope its a launch title…

  13. Either way this is a win-win. If you hate rabbids, love em, or just want something eerily similar to the conduit, get this.