Mass Effect 3 dev needs to spend more time with the Wii U

Executive producer of Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson has said that he needs to spend more time with the Wii U and to think more about it. However, he does seem impressed with the Wii U so far.

“It’s an interesting system. One of the challenges and opportunities with that kind of device is that it takes a while to really figure out what the amazing forms of gameplay will be – but it also has enough flexibility to potentially do things that are totally unprecedented in games,” Hudson said. “It’s very exciting, but I definitely need to think more about it and spend more time with the actual hardware.”

It was not to long ago that Frank Gibeau said that the Wii U and Mass Effect are a nice fit. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Why is it so hard to just develop something for the Wii U, so many devs keep banging on about how much they like the console only to say they’re not developing anything for it :/

  2. Wolf

    Translation: We won’t develop games for it.

    • Jmaster720

      I hate you >:(
      Jk….. But seriously screw you!!!!

  3. Mukkinese

    It isn’t the difficulty of making games, simply paying attention to what Ubisoft and THQ have been saying would tell them that it is relatively easy to port to the Wii U and make basic use of the Wii U second screen too.

    This is more likely fear or prejudice. The fear that they might find themselves going head to head with Nintendo’s own titles, or prejudice against developing for a Nintendo machine, brought about the situation for third party devs on the Wii, which wasn’t good for many. Simply put, they aren’t sure that they can sell their games on the Wii U, for one reason or another.