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Mass Effect 3 dev needs to spend more time with the Wii U

Executive producer of Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson has said that he needs to spend more time with the Wii U and to think more about it. However, he does seem impressed with the Wii U so far. “It’s an interesting system. One of the challenges and opportunities with that kind of device is that it […]

EA promises launch titles for the Wii U

The period of time surrounding a new console’s launch is often a great opportunity for publishers to make their support known, as a single gem in the sea of mediocrity that such launches usually constitute, can easily rise above it all. EA’s Frank Gibeau has pledged his company’s support for the Wii U’s launch, all […]

Mass Effect and Wii U are a “nice fit”

EA games chief, Frank Gibeau spoke with GameTrailers about the possibility of bringing Mass Effect to the Wii U. Though he could not confirm that they were bringing the series to the console he did have some interesting things to say about the matter. “I can’t say we are going to do it on the […]

EA’s Battlefield Wii U ideas

EA has been showing Nintendo a lot of love over the Wii U. They seemed to be supporting the Wii U console in full, and now EA president Frank Gibeau has shared some ideas on how one of their biggest franchises, Battlefield, could be enhanced by the Wii U’s features. What’s really going to make […]