Miyamoto: HD is in, Wii 2 will also ‘feature something totally different’

In yet another interview, Miyamoto dropped another little hint at the Wii’s successor. Well, nothing new, really – he basically regurgitated an earlier comment by Reggie Fils-Aime that the Wii 2 will be about more than just HD.

I may not tell you, but to us it is of course a logical step to doing something with HD. The number of households with a HD television is now big enough to make an HD game console. And of course we are always busy anyway with the development of new consoles. We focus not only on HD and the next system will feature something totally different than usual.

The good part about this is that HD is most definitely confirmed now, and we can be sure Nintendo will blow us away with whatever this “totally different” feature turns out to be.

The bad part? We’ve known this since 2009. Oh you, Miyamoto.

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  1. george jackson

    is the new wii going to be in 3d